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Perhaps your were wondering --- foodies where art thou? 
I was asking myself the same question =)
We were hell busy capturing the "moment" with famous, some known, some new bloggers.
First time to attend a big blogging event like this and I didn't expect anything at all, when the event ends we had intensely engage ourselves onto blogging familiarity and awareness. Some of my insights on iBlog: 7th Philippine Blogging Summit can be seen in my other half-site. =)
So back to our tummy, since there are no less any image available, we'll just put everything in words. =)
Day 1:
Morning snack we had Ham Sandwich, for lunch it's Beef Mushroom stuff & Breaded Fish Fillet with a Fruit Salad dessert. Afternoon snack with Tuna Fettuccine and Buttered Toast. Choice of drinks for the whole day was a selection of sodas, pre-mix coffee and water. I had coffee during lunchtime, the Beefy thing was truly good and I was able to clear/clean my plate. hehe! =) 

Day 2:
The morning snack was a bit heavy for me but it was yummy! We had a Pancit Bihon with Cheese Puto [the puto was so desirable! =)], I couldn't resist pancit, so after munching it at around 10:30a.m., the lunch took place at around 12:30noon and i was still full, and to think the pancit was kinda heavy and was generously individually-packed. I had no choice but to share half of pack I have, sayang naman di ba? =) Lunch was with Beef with house gravy & Breaded Fish Fillet with Mayo Dip and a Mini-Chocolate Cake. Afternoon snack was with Lasagna and Buttered Toast. Drinks for the whole day were bottled Ice Tea with Apple, Raspeberry or Green Tea flavors, pre-mix coffee and water. 

Binalot sponsored a food stand serving fish lumpiang shanghai in bits placed in "dahon ng saging" [banana leaves] for both Day1 and Day 2.
Other major sponsors were: GMA7 KapusoTV5SamsungVibal Publishing and others groups.

Bloggers and all the participants were both mind and tummy fed. =)
Kudos to Ms. Janette Toral and rest of the bloggers!


  1. @ Janette: Thank you po, food is nag-uumapaw! =)

  2. Nice blog! I think I'll be able to learn from here when I put up my own blog. Happy to meet you, albeit briefly, at IBlog 7. =)

  3. @ Claire Madarang: Glad to meet you too, hoping to get to know you more =) We enjoyed the company.

  4. good for you! too bad for me..wish I can attend next time.

  5. Sana sa Davao yung next phil blog summit.. di lang sa Manila para yung mga taga Mindanao and Visayas makaattend din.. great!

  6. Hope i can attend next time .. looks all of you had great time .. happy pf!

  7. Nice blog post! Happy PF! Hope you can check out my entry too! Thanks!

  8. Visiting from Pink Fridays :) Happy weekend!
    My Pink
    Shengkay’s Journal
    Shengkay Random Nest

  9. @aliz: Try it is, you'll learn a lot and meet new people in the industry of blogging
    @Vernz: for those who can't attend, the lectures are on live stream courtesy of Ms. Janette Toral,
    @Mona: you must! =)
    @STEF: thanks
    @sHeNgKaY: thanks

  10. I enjoyed looking that the photos over at FB though

    Visit my Pink Friday

  11. masarap kumain pag pink ang table linen! :)

    PF65 #23

  12. @Shydub: good thing there's fb =)
    @C5: cute di ba? =)
    Thanks sissies for dropping by.

  13. sarap naman ng mga foods and I bet talagang enjoy yung event..

    sorry for the late visit.

    My Pink Entry

  14. looks like a great event for bloggers.

    nice to be a follower here:)


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