Tuesday, April 5, 2011

iBlog7 Pig-out!

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Perhaps your were wondering --- foodies where art thou? 
I was asking myself the same question =)
We were hell busy capturing the "moment" with famous, some known, some new bloggers.
First time to attend a big blogging event like this and I didn't expect anything at all, when the event ends we had intensely engage ourselves onto blogging familiarity and awareness. Some of my insights on iBlog: 7th Philippine Blogging Summit can be seen in my other half-site. =)
So back to our tummy, since there are no less any image available, we'll just put everything in words. =)
Day 1:
Morning snack we had Ham Sandwich, for lunch it's Beef Mushroom stuff & Breaded Fish Fillet with a Fruit Salad dessert. Afternoon snack with Tuna Fettuccine and Buttered Toast. Choice of drinks for the whole day was a selection of sodas, pre-mix coffee and water. I had coffee during lunchtime, the Beefy thing was truly good and I was able to clear/clean my plate. hehe! =) 

Day 2:
The morning snack was a bit heavy for me but it was yummy! We had a Pancit Bihon with Cheese Puto [the puto was so desirable! =)], I couldn't resist pancit, so after munching it at around 10:30a.m., the lunch took place at around 12:30noon and i was still full, and to think the pancit was kinda heavy and was generously individually-packed. I had no choice but to share half of pack I have, sayang naman di ba? =) Lunch was with Beef with house gravy & Breaded Fish Fillet with Mayo Dip and a Mini-Chocolate Cake. Afternoon snack was with Lasagna and Buttered Toast. Drinks for the whole day were bottled Ice Tea with Apple, Raspeberry or Green Tea flavors, pre-mix coffee and water. 

Binalot sponsored a food stand serving fish lumpiang shanghai in bits placed in "dahon ng saging" [banana leaves] for both Day1 and Day 2.
Other major sponsors were: GMA7 KapusoTV5SamsungVibal Publishing and others groups.

Bloggers and all the participants were both mind and tummy fed. =)
Kudos to Ms. Janette Toral and rest of the bloggers!