Bawang Labuyo by Foodamn Philippines Spicy Garlic Paste Oil

Filipino Food Recipes

Foodamn Philippines: Filipino Food Recipes

Bonchon Soy Garlic Chicken Wings Recipe
Cheesy Hotdog and Fries Sandwich Overload Recipe
Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice Recipe
Chicken Alfredo Pot Pies Recipe
Jamaican "Jerk" Chicken Waffle Sandwiches Recipe
Lechon Kawali Recipe 
Peaches and Cream Caramel Trifle
Pork Belly Marinade Recipe (Liempo Recipe) 
Ginataang Alimango
Ranchero Rice Recipe
Spicy Crispy Dilis Recipe 
Suman sa Lihiya Recipe
Sinukmani or Biko Recipe
Top 25 Filipino Native Delicacies: Better Known as "Kakanin"

With a hint of Filipino exotic food and truly Filipino foods made for your visual appetites. Originally created by Green Dei of Foodamn Philippines and Green Dei Media PH.

Foodamn Philippines
Created by Daryll (Green Dei)
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