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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Crispy Sisig Recipe


Sisig Recipe

by Foodamn Philippines

Meat or seafood grilled dish ("sisig) is one of Filipino's favorite meal, beer match or comfort food. :) We are sharing our home-cooked sisig recipe, we made at least three different sisig dish --- the Maskara (pork ear/face - mask) Sisig, Pusit Sisig (Squid) also called "Ginulat" and Baliwag (brand) style Liempo Sisig.

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Pork Maskara Sisig
 photo sisig-recipe-filipino-recipe-foodamn-philippines-01.jpg
Pusit Sisig
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Crispy Sisig (Liempo Style)
Making sisig is time-consuming, for maskara sisig alone it requires detailed cleaning (washing, shaving) to peel off dirt. Then boiling, broiling, and toasting before you can mix together all the ingredients.

Recipe for Liempo or Pork Maskara 

Pork meat  - charcoal broiled
Onions - 2 pieces
Mayonnaise - 3 Tablespoon
Pepper and salt to taste
Soy Sauce - 1 tablespoo
Butter - 1 tablespoon
Siling labuyo - 3-5 pieces
egg - 1
Ox brain (optional)
Pork liver (optional), charcoal broiled

 photo sisig-recipe-filipino-recipe-foodamn-philippines-03.jpg
Pork mask sisig procedure
Boil meat to become tender.
Drain excess water.
Charcoal broiled meat and liver for 15 minutes, let it cool.
Toast for 30 minutes in an oven toaster
Chopped meat into desired size (squared)
Mix meat with pepper and salt, soy sauce
Follow with mayo,
Add onions and mix well
Add chili peppers

Pre-heat grilling plate to high temperature. Once hot set fire on medium then add butter and sisig mixture. Mix well to avoid overcooking. When serving the grilled dish add egg and continue mixing sisig until it becomes crispy.

Pusit Sisig Recipe
The difference with squid or pusit sisig you add chopped tomatoes and fill-up the squid with onions, tomatoes, seasoning and chili peppers. Lock the opening with a toothpick. Do not add ox brain and liver.

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