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Late November 2010,  got  mail from EQ Diapers birthday card/reward for our kid (turning 4). EQ gave her a 10% OFF from Red Ribbon cakes and a 40% Selecta ice cream [from any 7/11 branch]. Sleepless nights as the kid clamor to pay a visit to a nearest Red Ribbon and her mindset was the Barbie Palace Princess cake and no other design can replace it. :)
Barbie Palace Princess Cake

- reveals Barbie strolling the royal garden.

A majestic castle serves as her backdrop.

Barbie Fairy Garden Cake 

 - displays Barbie sitting under a beautiful rainbow arch with a fairy friend perched on a real swing. Colorful sugar flowers adorn the cake
Fashion Week Barbie 3-D Cake 

- shows Barbie strutting down her own runway. Colorful sugar stars surround her as real blinking lights make this cake a sight to behold.
Barbie Mermaid Lagoon Cake

 - as Merliah is seen in the Barbie Mermaid Lagoon.  Zuma, her dolphin friend, joins her swimming in Oceana. The under the sea sugar wonders on this cake make it absolutely mesmerizing.
Aside from the Barbie 3D cakes, Red Ribbon also offers a personalized cake by way of Barbie Picture cakes, where you can have the celebrants picture/image incorporate with her fave Barbie character design. 
Barbie Fashion Fairytale Picture cake

Price range for picture cakes from Php 800 to Php 1,150 (approx. from US$ 20 to 62.50)

3D cakes cost PhP 2,500 (approx. US$62.50)

Cake dimensions and available flavors can be seen through Red Ribbon website.

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  1. maganda yung 3d cake barbie!

    happy pf!

  2. Thanks sis, i left you a comment on your site. Didn't succeed, i run down again.

  3. nice barbie cakes...very pretty and your little girl was such a beauty, love her dress too! i knew she had fun! visiting you from pink fridays! have a great weekend!


  4. i love those cakes.. really looks good. :)


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