Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bale Capampangan

Sinigang na Hipon & Grilled Chicken
Mango Shake
When you speak authentic Filipino food, Kapampangan's [locals of Pampanga]  as the province known as culinary capital of the Philippines. They have the certain "yabang" indeed, the locals offer a variety of cuisines which are uniquely from their own.

My sister in-law brought us in Bale Kapampangan in San Fernando to meet-up with her client, Drei & I ended up a happy tummy while waiting. Food is a real treat: sumptuous & authentic dishes. Ambiance & its interior is great. They offer eat-all-you-can open buffet with 30 dishes to choose from. Clay jars were designed to function as food warmers, a filipino creativity by Hans De Jesus. De Jesus also designed the lights & interior.
Bale also has a Japanese food section, a salad bar & dessert.

everything you can take at:
Lunch Php 275
Dinner Php 175

When dinner comes their eat-all-you-can plates charges half the price, very affordable.

One thing that catches my attention, the Comfort Rooms, sadly my pictures were ruined [Drei actively runs around the interior, I ended up tailing her all the time, there's no way you can shoot with stability.] =)
CRs were labeled "Masanting" for Male & "Malagu" for Females. No sub-label in English of Filipino, non-Kapampangans usually ended up confused and yelps, they entered the wrong room. =) Management wanted to propagate Kapampangan culture by jiving in Kapampangan language, in this way customers get to ask & learn about it. By the way, Masanting means handsome and Malagu means beautiful.

It's worth a visit!

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