Bibingkinitans' Mini Bibingka

To begin with, I intentionally try to post a traditional Filipino foodam [foodie, snack, merienda] as my first entry to this blog site. Filipinos love to dine and munch on something, aside from 3-major meals per day, add up the in-between food trips like the morning snack, afternoon snack and the midnight snack! I created this site to capture my past & present foodamn! experiences, and really promise myself to document every instance/s and opportunity that I'll have in the future. Some content/s may include a slang/grammar/syntax error but will always give you an appetizing grin afterwards [hopefully] :) The foodam posts I wrote and will write in this site will and always be based on our foodamn! activities, experiences and reviews. I do not advertise or any marketing form on any such establishment/s that are featured here. First stop: The Bibingka, bow! 
Gone are the days when our old-time yuletide season fave bibingka comes available only on Christmas time. Today craving for it comes in all sorts, there are the usual plain, some with pandan or ube flava and this one I got is a freshly baked mini bibingka. It was tagged as “The Softest and Moistest Bibingka”, true to its meaning, the box we had contains 6 pcs., you could actually eat them all! Melts in your mouth and just the right sweet.
the image says a thousand words
They cater to parties, with complete kiosk & on-site baking.  Bibingkinitan claims the biggest bibingka-chain with over 150 stores in the Philippines. They are all over the town!
For Catering & Bulk Order: [t] (02) 809.3333