COLD SPOON Frozen Yogurt at Clark


Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt

Angeles City, Pampanga

Foodamn Philippines has visited Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt a couple of times, but we rarely shoot photos of one of the most visited froyo shop in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Most of the time, since the long drive, we usually make a quick stop over at Cold Spoon  and took off with a take out. I've found out this healthy corner was brought to Angeles by Koreans in 2007, few Manileno's [Manila travelers] are quiet familiar with Cold Spoon's famous frozen yogurt. We shifted to loving yogurt because of its healthy benefits, plus I read somewhere in a consumer article, one of Philippine's local ice cream brand and milk [which I always thought was a healthy and safe brand] has an ingredient known as carageenan. Studies shows this certain ingredients are carcinogens. If you have guys care for your family's overall health and spare parts, influence them how to take care of their bodies in and out. 
Cold Spoon frozen yogurt

Company's overview as quoted:

Consumer's growing interest in healthy and active life has never been higher. Based on Technomic Consumer Study in the U.S.A., 50% consumers are changing their eating habits, and obesity has been a major national issue. Consequently, natural, organic products are growing rapidly, 39% consumers are eating more fruits and vegetables, and numerous diet programs are on the rise. People are crying out for healthier, low-fat, low-carb food, however, they are not willing to sacrifice quality and taste. When it comes to frozen dessert, Cold Spoon is well positioned to leverage such consumer trends.

Cold Spoon will offer premier quality frozen frozen yogurt with various toppings and variety of fusion frozen yogurt menus through its franchises. The company’s goal is to grow Cold Spoon as the most respected brand for healthy and delicious frozen dessert. To accomplish its goal, the company plans to rapidly expand its retail presence and grow its brand through excellence in product innovation, operations and customer experience.

Frozen yogurt has been around for many years. Health benefits of yogurt are widely known, and a company like TCBY was a big hit in 1980’s. Ben & Jerry and Haagen-Dazs also sell their versions of frozen yogurt in the U.S.. Cold Spoon, however, with its distinctly different (creamier, smoother, lighter) taste with various toppings, is one of a kind especially in the Philippines. In addition, its store will be designed to provide a full trendy café experience for customers. People will enjoy music, just sit there for a chat or bring their laptops for work…all while enjoying their favorite Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt.

Not like other brands, Basic raw material of frozen yogurt is made of Italian yogurt base powder, developed by Korean technology. It is one of the most successful Korean product with a superlative degree in new technology.

Thus, Cold Spoon's non-fat yogurt is made from a type of powder that contains live and active cultures(LAC seal) with vitamin-C and Calcium, and that was approved by USDA.

Cold Spoon's main products are based with yogurt, and non-yogurt base products are being picked to be launched as new menu.

Cold spoon have flavored yogurts, lassi (Indian Yogurt Drink) and flavored hot teas.
Plain yogurt with strawberry toppings
Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt
Lot 1 Block 66
Fil-Am Highway, Cutcut
Angeles City, Pampanga
(Friendship Highway 
corner Carmenville
Gate 3 Access Road)

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