Longganisa Sorpresa @ Sky Garden

"What's for dinner?" Upon hearing longganisa, you will probably comment in a way like this, "we served it at home all the time, wala na bang other choice?" hehehe

Surprisingly, Longganisa Sorpresa is something else.

T'was my first time to dine-out iin LS along Sky Garden of The Block [SM North]. Rain (my sister) & Bembol has been here a couple of times. Ambiance was al fresco and we had 3 different kinds of Longsilog order. Longganisa is a processed & cured meat and Philippines have a lot of versions to offers. It is always best with sunny side-up or scrambled egg. Originally this is usually serve as breakfast for a typical Filipino. 

I had a Vigan style [from Ilocos], Rain got a Cabanatuan style [Nueva Ecija] & Bembol had a General Santos style [South Cotabato]. Other flavor versions available are: Alaminos [Pangasinan], Lucban [Quezon], Iligan, Lanao. A single plate comes with garlic fried rice [almost 2 cups rice] and 2 sunny side-up eggs [scrambled, well-done can be made upon request], cost Php150 only.

What's nice about them is their vinegar sauce selection:
Longganisa Sorpresa
2nd Level 
Garden of The Block
SM North Edsa
Quezon City


  1. i love Vigan and Lucban longganiza! and of course, with matching vinegar dip. we have sinamak at home and months supply of tuba vinegar [which my mom brings from Negros]. my mouth waters at the thought of spicy vinegar dip!:p

    Combo Plate
    Spicy Calamares

  2. Oh, Fil bfast meals are now elegantly, which one tastes better? i bet they all taste good.

  3. yum! longganisa for dinner, winner!

  4. I was craving vigan longganisa a few days ago. Makikitingin na lang ako dito. Thanks for sharing, I know na where to go for some longganisa fix when I go home next time.

    Grilled Pork Spareribs

  5. I miss eating longganiza!Kahit araw-araw gusto kong ulam yan at cyempre pa,dipped with suka!Gosh ang daming mapagpipiliang suka dyan^_^

    Food Trip Friday

  6. wahhh, you are making me drool :-(; miss ko na ang longganisa :-(

  7. woohoo! i'll vote for the longganisa Cabanatuan...talked about carrying my own flag here (im from nueva ecija). the best!

  8. i might get vigan also, i never had gensan longganisa but it looks like the skinless type and i so like it too! :) their vinegar basket and bottle really looks nice. have a great weekend!! :)

  9. wow, i didn't know there's much versions of longganisa, i grew up only knowing lucban and longganisa ilocano. Will definitely visit that place next time we're in Philippines.

    Have a great weekend fellow foodtripper, here's my entry hope you'd check it out

    Food and Passion
    I Love Darly!

  10. sa comments nyo sissies many thanks! :) This is indeed a food trip friday! :)

  11. Why is baguio longganisa of the Alabanza Meat Store not featured in your resto? Correct me if im wrong,the Alabanza longganisa was featured during the hotel and resto week last sept 2006 and 2009 in which they were the highlight of the said events. they paraded a 4 plus km of longanisa last 2006 and 6 plus km last 2009. I was a spectator of both events,both of which were successful...kudos to the alabanza meat store management an staff

  12. @ Anony... the article i have was just about LS, i think they also have the Baguio-version in the menu, i haven't jump off to an Albanza Meat Store, maybe in the future. Thanks for the recommendation.


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