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Gumbo A Taste of New Orleans

The Block 

UPDATES as of December 2012
Gumbo is now replaced by Lugang Cafe at the 2nd Level The Block  SM North Edsa. 

What's so catchy about Gumbo? The staff's  flamboyant head dresses, the New Orleans interior setting and SEA FOODS! You got it, heard from the grape vine's sumptuous stories of great foods and comfortable ambiance. And the Princess and the Frog's famed stew, the gumbo where Tiana learned the culinary technique from her dad and taught her the spirit of sharing the gumbo stew to their community.
Gumbo A Taste of New Orleans

gumbo |ˈgəmbō|
(in Cajun cooking) a spicy chicken or seafood soup thickened typically with okra or rice.

What's nice about the place, perfect to bring you family for a cozy lunch or dinner. Gumbo at The Block branch don't get in a way too crowded even on weekends. 

I always passed by the right side of Gumbo going to the escalator, by chance we often spotted The Sy family (of SM Malls). By the way, Gumbo accepts Sodexho gift certificate. So I was guessing the brand could be an SM franchise. 
At Php 80 to Php 125 you can have a bottomless lemonade and a view from their kitchen.
Deciding on what to order was a bit confusing, so we asked our friendly "ati-atihan" server on what's Gumbo's Bestseller!
Four Seasons Salad 
Grande PhP 595
We started off with a salad and Calamares as appetizer. Four Seasons salad is made up of kiwi vinaigrette, romaine lettuce, ham strips and fresh fruit slices. The Calamari Fritti is a marinated squid rings served with tartare sauce. These dishes are absolutely good!

Calamari Fritti 
Grande PhP 495

Spaghetti Carbonara 
Petite PhP 325
Ahh...Seafood Jambalaya 
Grande Php 595
The Gumbo adventure wouldn't be complete without the Platter of The Seafood Jambalaya. It reminded us of the traditional Paella except it was cooked with Cajun Spices and long-grain rice. We had the Mild Spicy version, the seafoods and cajun on rice-bed blended well maintaining the strong flavor of spices. After going home, we were still craving for Jambalaya! Try also their Calamares, the dish rocked, everything was consumed except for the mayonnaise dip. We thought  of  an alternative dip that would perfectly matched the calamares, our own home-version of garlic, onion, pepper, vinegar sauce.
Smoked Norwegian Pizza Salmon
PhP 595
We weren't able to touch the salmon pizza, it goes home with us. The pizza rocked as well, not your typical pizza, this one has the fishy-meaty after taste. Matches well with hot sauce and beers :)

A Taste of New Orleans
2nd Level The Block
SM North Edsa 

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  1. oh, looks like i'm hungry again, grrrr!

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  2. thanks sis, hope in the near future bloggers will have a get-together pig-out!!! :)


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