Nay's House @ Tarlac City

After our Angeles City/Pampanga visit, we headed to Tarlac City and stayed overnight in La Maja Rica hotel. Food stop the following day at Nay's House along Romulo Boulevard, fronting Diwa ng Tarlac Convention Center. It's a 3-storey traditional old-school house transformed to a thumbs-up eating venue. It is said here is where PNoy, yes Pres. Ninoy Aquino held meetings and enjoyed a variations of home-cooked dish. My sister in-law who works for Pfizer and her fellow colleagues and subordinates also holds their group meetings here.
We had a Beef Stroganoff Pasta - PhP95, a Lasagna - PhP90, Sinigang na Samara- PhP175, wasn't able to shoot some images for this because of hungryness :) 

We were also served with slices of fried saba PhP per servings (ripened) rolled with little sugar, just right!

Appetizer was the Nagaraya-like nuts.

They also sell assorted pasalubong from the counter/entrance. We bought a Chocolate cake box (as baby shower gift) lots of Otaps and Calamonks.
Nay's House is located:
Romulo Boulevard

Tarlac City, Tarlac



  1. Thats a very nice and big house. nagiging maliit tuloy si baby tingnan hehe

  2. Wow, mukhang maganda dito hopefully maka visit kami sa Tarlac, love the pasta looks yummy my fave :) Hope you can see my Pink Fridays too

  3. @ Shudub: yup sis the house is quiet big and homey.:)
    @ Edsie: same to you sis!
    @ Mona: Maganda talaga sis, it's worth the visit! Food is outstanding and at a reasonable price. :) Go!

  4. wow parang napaka homy naman ng place

    sorry late visits from PF

    happy blogging...

    From wala to okay
    Raketer Mama

  5. Now visiting for Pink Fridays #59. ^_^

    Pink Thoughts - Home of Pink Fridays

  6. Thanks for the post! We're going to Bolinao and stoppping over at Tarlac. Where is the is resto exactly located? You said in front of Tarlac Museum? Do you mean Aquino Center in Luisita Access Road? I'm looking at Romulo Blvd in Google maps and its really long =) I just can see schools but no museum =( can you give me a more specific location =)


  7. @MCLM: I've been in the area once, as far as I remember it's between Tarlac Provincial Capitol to CLDHEI campus. Target the "bayan" /busy street of Romulo or better yet try to ask the "manong tricycles". Hope that would help =)


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