Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #4

Being a newbie needs mentorship and support group, hope you guys will be there for me.:) Will absolutely return your a huge favor.  Thanks to the Mommy Rubz and the rest of Pinay Mommy Online for this opportunity for all the Filipino bloggers out there. 


  1. Hello following you here from the caravan,hope you do the same, please do. thanks

    Travel Sites and Scenes
    Josie's Window
    Josie's Kitchen
    Josie's Files

  2. Hi sis, i followed you already either via username Green Dei or Blodwyn. :) Will check you other sites too! Thanks for following.

  3. I followed you back hope you follow my other blog:
    Momgen Designs

  4. Hi momgen, thanks will return the favor.

  5. HI MamaKo & Genejosh, thanks! Will definitely follow you back. :)

  6. Followed you here from WBFC. Hope you could follow my blog too :)

    Princess Wannabe

  7. Thanks sissies Dorothy, Darly & Seth, will will follow you back, promise! :)

  8. Visiting and followed you from the Weekend Caravan

    Daily Snippets

  9. followed you thru WBFC...hope you can visit Lyza's Lane

  10. Following via Weekend Blog Follower Caravan!

    You can follow back at:
    Eat, Drink, Blog
    Wanna Be Fit
    Eat, Drink, Blog
    The Woman from Home

    Thanks for joining WBFC!!


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