Chili Cheese Sticks aka Chillitees

Spotted these sticks from an art painting exhibit of my sister, gallery hired a caterer. Their version of the finger food taste chili-no-more, I wonder how they eliminate the the spicey & strong flavor of the chillies? Sister gave me some pointers, although I did everything what she told me, oh mhen some were really "maanghang" it runs through my head but still it was yummy and tasty and addicting, "sabi nila sa house" :) It's the first round though, next time we'll do it perfectly fine [sana!].  
Warning: Think twice before you do it! :)
some green chillies
bread crumbs
salt & pepper
cooking oil

Remove seeds and veins and wash through a running water.
Make a small opening on the chili and insert the cheese sticks.
Prepare cornstarch, add salt and pepper to taste.
Run though the cornstarch, beaten egg and bread crumbs.
Deep fry and serve it on a paper towels to remove excess oils.