Chinatown: Kim Hiong Food Garden

KIM HIONG Food Garden 

Binondo Manila

We hit the busy streets of  Ongpin last February 2, 2011 looking for our fortune forecast and cures on the eve of Chinese New Year. We were here for the propagation of our own world of feng shui via consultation and clamor in suggestive selling techniques of some old chinese folks.

We came all the way from Divisoria to keep in trend with Ongpin's bustling  avenue. People and seekers for abundance and prosperity lined up the tikoy and hopia stores, together with different fruit stalls displayed with lucky fruits like: pineapple, kiat-kiat, oranges & apples to serve in every house' dining table. Shrimps, taro, peanut, ginger and the ever present lucky charms are massively displayed in every corner and side-streets.

Chinatown: Kim Hiong Food Garden
At past 3:00 p.m., I quoted it's time for lunch 'coz were getting dizzy and our shoulders and backs are getting crazy with the heavy loots we bought in. We passed by McDonalds, the hell?!! we are is indeed hungry, and so we say "when in Chinatown forget McDo!"

House soup
Siopao Bola-Bola PhP32
Fried Noodle Beef Brisket PhP145
Kim Hiong is along Ongpin, infront of Eng Bee Tin and Mini Stop. I frequent Ongpin and embraced the foodies we encounter in each visit. But Kim Hiong, we never fail to dine in. Kim Hiong is a casual chinese dining, they offer dimsum, noodle/rice noodle, fried noodle. So it goes, all time fave was the fried noodle, best with Mountain Dew [mad-walking legs, you'll agree the need to energize and Mountain Dew will give you that]. Bolabola siopao, it's dough is super soft plus the chili sauce is abundantly served. All in all you do save a lot and at the same time you didn't eat in a fancy fast-food type. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Kim Hiong
Ongpin Street
Binondo, Manila
[t] (632) 735.3633
Spending Budget PhP 101 to 500

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  1. The fried noodles look so promising...

  2. wow.OMG...Namiss ko yan place na yan sa sta cruz, binondo..I love that chinese resto especially un noodles nila with spicy..thanks for sharing this..

  3. Miss ko na ang Siopao,sana meron sa Asian store dito.

  4. sounds like it was a very busy tiring day! but yes, the fried noodles looks really delicious! happy friday!

    PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

  5. kakatakot kumain sa ongpin ng chinese food especially siopao...some really take on cats for real. :(

    FTF #21.

  6. oh my yummy looking goodness hello @ beff brisket noodles! lol. Looks good!

  7. That so yummy! We really have to watch our diet if you are encounter those yummy foods. Mine is here

    Little World of Fun


  8. sarap ng siopao nagutom tuloy ako, pangmerienda.

    <a href=">Noobfoodie</a>

  9. Anlaki ng siopao! Yun ang gusto ko!

    my Food Trip Friday post

    By the way, am also inviting you to join my food meme, Weekend Eating. It's a food meme every Monday. Details can be read HERE. Hope you can join. Thanks!

  10. kami naman ni hubby, fave ang wai-ying in binondo

    Happy foodtripping, hope you check out my entry too
    I Love Darly!

  11. Visiting here from FTF #36...

    When I first chanced upon the pics I thought that its in HK....

    I just love the way you say it dear: ""when in Chinatown forget McDo!""
    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  12. now that's what you call food trip!

    I dream of roaming the streets of Ongpin and trying out every dumpling along the way :)


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