Le Ching Tea House

Le Ching has surpassed time and renovation of Greenhills. Shoppers and food lovers alike won't miss out Le Ching's presence. They have out-classed other restaurants. 
Their commercial space are a little crowded [which means consumers trust them well] and their food didn't change, still one the best tasting Spare Rib Rice! Plus the serving, humongous! Staff are accommodating and price very affordable. 
Photos: from Sony Ericsson phone camera.
Spare Rib Rice, house specialty & Shark's Fin 
Bola-bola Siopao
Le Ching
Greenhills Shopping Complex
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

[t] 726-3677


  1. yummmm, i luvhet. hope they're still there next time we're in Philippines and will definitely visit that place.

    already your follower via PMB- just droppin by to spread some sweets, hope you followed me back too
    Have a great week ahead 
    I Love Darly
    Food and Passion

  2. Naku sis, tagal na nila sa Greenhills, surely you'll be able to visit them. :)

  3. mann hann has its chicken feet without the skin...check it out!


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