Monday, March 28, 2011

Chantilly Shake @ Dr. Pearl Cooler- a first in Metro Manila

When the pearl shake craze came in to town everyone waves & raves.
After some time, a number of "negosyante" [small-scale entrepreneur] or "gaya-gaya puto-maya" =) [copycats] the idea and so came the issue of the flavor powder being cancerous and pearl and sago and other additives came from a dirty supplier and are readily available in wet markets. I noticed a dropped from consumers not craving for it anymore, I myself stopped patronizing it. Might as well have the good ol' natural juice shake.
But eventually business went on, mostly at younger zones. And the Philippines being overpopulated, how can you go wrong with a food business on your shoulder with a massive buying-public.
When I received an invitation from Dr. Pearl Cooler, I got hooked with their ambiance and the whole business packaging. Candy-colored and cute as it was, the way to attract kids and younger gen. I got interested with their yogurts and what the heck is olay and chantilly?  
Blueberry Chantilly 
popcorns in new flava!
Yesterday I went over Dr. Pearl Cooler's first Metro Manila branch opening in Robinson's Metro East. I was greeted by the owner Mr. Nino Gatdula, he introduced and chat about their growing beverage business. Dr. Pearl was a Taiwan-based milk-tea products started in business in 1990 and eventually Dr. Pearl hit the Philippine market in 2006 through Mr. Gatdula's entrepreneural skill. The first branch was in Angeles City, Pampanga. They imported the whole concept, everything from the raw materials, print materials to tissue and spoon. A number of branch in Pampanga was established: Nepo Mall, SM Clark, SM Pampanga, Holy Angel, Mt. View in Balibago and so on. As of today they have 18 branches including Manila. Around 4 or 5 branches are company-owned and the rest are franchised. 

So we go with the taste buds, I had a blueberry chantilly [too ordinary?] I know, I had my chance to order Gourd Milk maybe next time, but I still get to compare the blueberry against the competitor. 
The Chantilly Blended Shake was the leading lady of Dr. Pearl. =) 
It's their main product line. The difference of Chantilly from other cold blended drinks - consumers can choose from variety of uniquely flavors as their base drinks, then customized it with either pearl or jelly or both and a choice of syrups are available to be added to the sweet cream chantilly.  A choice of with or without cream is okey. The pearl which is cooked every 4hours to ensure quality freshness of the product, pearl is soft and chewy, it tasted very creamy blueberry. 
Gourd Milk
Bubble Gum
Cream Melon
Water Melon

small size cup [360cc] = PhP 59 
medium size cup [500cc] = PhP66
large size cup [700cc] = PhP 73

Other products available:
Regular Shakes, Jelly, Dr. Pearl Coffee, Olay, Herbal Tea, Bread Toast and Snacks. 
What's surprising was Dr. Pearl have a very unique Pinoy flavors like: Durian, Gourd [Upo], Starfruit, Champoy, Pudding, Lavander. They also incorporate the brandname Ovaltine. All of which are available at a fixed price/cup-sized.
Same company will soon launch the Black Tea concept, watch out for it!
No need to worry on the health issue, Mr. Gatdula assures consumer of a melamine-free and non-cancerous product - Dr. Pearl was ISO certified. And their food handlers/bar tenders were all well-trained before hitting the road. =)
Soon Dr. Pearl will launch a Baby-size Chantilly at PhP33. 
Another new Metro Manila branch will rise in Robinson's Ermita and in Katipunan area. 

Bloggers were also treat with a taste-test of their soon to release puffs or popcorn! They served us with:
Kimchi Puff - we love kimchi's spicy flavor, our fridge has stock of bottled kimchi preserved although I don't eat much of kimchi. This time the Kimchi Puff captured my senses. 
Seaweed Puff - one of our favorite  table appetizer are seaweeds regardless if its fresh or nori snack or in maki form. I hope Dr. Pearl can add more nori flavor on it, I like it more nori-fied!
Choco Puff - parents would like to give this to their kids, the bittersweet taste is enough and it balances off with the sweetness. 
Caramel Puff - love caramels too! milky taste of caramel is great for kids
Sweet Puff - i haven't tasted it yet,  from the looks of it, may appear for kid's zone.

For now, they are in state of experimenting popcorn flavors, they planned to come out with peanut butter, coconut flavors. They are open for suggestions, guys what do you think would be a great popcorn flavor for Pinoy market?
They even planned to conceptualized a delivery service of popcorns within Metro Manila. That's one great idea...a bucket of freshly popped puffs!
Had a great time with this event, met a new blogger duo: Anne & Mario of The Wandering Boots. 
Summer is indeed here and have something cold and new to your tastebuds. 
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Thanks for the invites and the pearl-fect treat Nino & Dr. Pearl!

what do you think would be a new/great popcorn flavor for Pinoy market?