Monday, March 7, 2011

Jamaican Pattie Shop @ Trinoma

For those who love savory spicy turn-over, this ones for you. When in mall and in a hurry, we crave for Jamaican Pattie. Who can resist the Pinatubo or the Beef & Mushroom with hot sauce. Love the crust and fillings, not too heavy and as always readily available as hot as ever. 
Way back in late 90's [correct me if I'm wrong], we got hold of our first jamaican in Greenbelt, I think they are still there. Since then the nearest branch available was in Shangri-la mall. Yes that's how we love Jamaican Pattie, we follow them just like a tweeting bird! =)
Now, the usual place where we spend doing the groceries is at Landmark, Trinoma. We're such a happy follower. =)