Navarro's Crab Paste & Dried Melon Seeds

Though I'm prone to allergic reaction, I must try again and again to have, to savor the taste of the famous and the best Navarro's crab paste [taba ng talangka], a traditional specialty of Masantol, Pampanga. Made from shore crab meat and fat, mixed with cane vinegar, iodized salt, coconut oil and garlic.

This one is so good with a newly cook, served hot rice. Served as a side dish or ingredient to a seafood and pasta dishes. The paste's tasty flavor blends with rice well, there's no need to add more calamansi extract, tangy enough for our taste buds. We like it sort of spicy, with some siling labuyo (chili pepper) it adds more addiction to it. 

So if you may have that boring "foodamn" day, stock up bottle of it from your fridge to add zest to your dish on any given time. A bit warning though, don't over-indulge because crab paste is high in cholesterol, big time! To heaven or hell they say... =)

A bottle of 360g [12.7 oz] cost around PhP 230 [$6] with a shelf life 1.5 years.
the devil's food =)
Navarro's Crab Paste
butong pakwan anyone?
I'm not a melon seed eater, since young I never mastered the right way to open up this salty little thing. =)

But my kid who is now 4 years old, is on the verge of learning the technicalities of slicing the seed using her laser edge tooth. Thanks to her aunt, the kid enjoys the afternoon delight of the average Filipinos. The family members at home from the grannys down to toddler is having a great time on it. They say, Navarro's "butong pakwan" was so easy to open compare to other brand or palengke stuff. So much for that, I still can't open one, wag nang mang inggit. =)

Navarro's Crab Paste
Dried Melon Seeds
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