Nestle's After Eight: Mint Chocolate Thins

After Eight Thin Mints from Nestle 

One of our preferences to a chocolate [from more than just plain chocolates] would either be dark chocolate or mint chocolate. Yes sissies, mint chocolates is my top 1 weakness =) 

I don't know if you guys remember Baskin-Robbins, their mint chocolate chips ice cream is heavenly! Same with the World Class Chocolate and Jamoca Almond Fudge which were BK's Bestsellers. I know right, being a former BK staff during the college days, I developed the senses of appreciating the art of ice cream :)

Nestle's After Eight: Mint Chocolate Thins

Those were the days where Baskin-Robbins Megamall or Greenbelt branch were the place to hang out to satisfy that cravings. Although per scoop was about triple the cost of local brand ice cream. BK pioneered the free taste option to their customers. The pinky spoon for free taste was a hit to everyone, the shop has 31 flavors on display where you can have a free taste of everything. BK has 50+ interchanging ice cream flavors catered to market. Apart from classic flavor ice creams, BK  have seasonal and regional flavors, low fat, fat-free, no sugar, fro-yo, low sugar and soft serve ice creams.

How do I know all of these things? My eagerness to have mint chip everyday drives me nuts to join and become one of Baskin-Robbins' angel. I gained access to my fave delight everyday for almost one whole year.  

The Kritikus:
The box of 200g contains 21 pieces thin mint, made in Deutschland. We like it thinness, very femme to eat. Has the right peppermint proportion and blends well with the dark chocolate coat. 

Described as mint enrobed in dark chocolate, the name suggests as after dinner mints. 

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  1. The chocolate looks yummy! I never tasted a mint choco. Hihi. :)

    Happy Green Monday! :)

    Here's my entry for GM:

    Dhadha ❥

  2. wow, i should not tempt myself with this stuff right now I have three hours straight lecture tonight... hahha.. was here for Green Monday here

  3. chocolates!!! i love chocolates! but i can't eat them for now... too bad! visiting your yummy green monday entry!

  4. I've never tasted this kind of chocolate yet..but one day id like to taste one. Isa lang. Hindi pwedeng marami. Hehehe

    My entry is now up.

  5. wow, i so love chocolates. This looks really yummy, pahingi! Ha, ha. Thanks for joining us this week, hope to see you again next week!

  6. Mint Chocolate is really good. Did you try the Mint Choco ice cream? Yummy! I have to feed my sweet tooth. Visiting you here, see you again.

  7. I like mint chocolate, but my husband doesnt

    Please visit My Green Monday

  8. Hi sis ,

    Visiting from Green MondayEntry No. 19

    Mint Chocolate is good while drinking coffee...they say I am weird but I love has a refreshing after taste..

    nadaan at nakibasa.

    I am already a follower thru GFC.
    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  9. i love chocolate except the mint

    visiting thru Green monday
    From wala to okay

  10. looks really great but I prefer chocolates with hazelnut :)

  11. thanks sissies for the love comments! =)

  12. I just saw that "after eight chocolate" in other site until I dropped here.. By the way where I can buy that product of Nestle? Meron po nyan sa lahat ng Grocery stores? Cause I want to try and taste it! :D

    1. Justin, haven't seen our local groceries if they have. We recently have another after eight chocolate in oval shape :) my sister bought it at Kuala Lumpur airport, that's it, try Duty Free Philippines or SNR.

    2. Ahh.. Thank you for giving that information! :D
      Yeah I think the only chance to taste that is to visit Duty free and look if they have one! >.<


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