Quezon Province Bread Delight: Pinagong, Aglipay & Cheese Pandesal

Travelers from Quezon often brought home the usual apas, broas as pasalubong [gift from a trip] and oftentimes too sweet. But to some locals, there are simpler and cheaper native food the province offer. 
I once visited Quezon in Lucban to celebrate Pahiyas back in 2000, we were invited by friends. We had the famous pancit habhab from the street verndors, Lucban longganisa [Quezon's native sausage] and a lot more delicacy. 
Cheese Bread
But these bread here came from Candelaria, my mother in-law cousin's hails from Batangas/Quezon/Mindoro. She brought us different kinds of bread from which my 4-year old amuses herself. Pinagong is a turtle-shaped bread, was kind of firm but taste milky and creamy. They say, pinagong originated from Sariaya and eventually reaches Candelaria. It's supposed to eat with a cup of coffee or tea. The Aglipay, as far as I remember, we ate this when we were young. Aglipay were very crispy, great to eat with ice-cream [my idea], but the locals said they eat it with bilo-bilo ginatan. And it's very affordable, the pack cost PhP5/pack. Lastly, the cheese pandesal was so firm and creamy also, the melted cheese compliments the bread. These bread galore are available from any Quezon bakery or bakeshop. Budget-friendly pasalubong.  =)


  1. @ Pink Cookies: thanks for liking sis, yeah it's really yummy =)

  2. Do you have store of pinagong bread here in Quezon city po?how about in real or infanta Quezon?reply pls.thanks❤


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