Ready Mix Ginger Tea with Garlic & Ginger Candies

sealed & delivered
munch as candies ...
... or as a hot tea
There's been a couple of pre-mixed ginger tea out in the market, but who knows how safe and clean are they? Remember a certain famous peanut butter brand locally manufactured, it was reported through GMA7 documentaries. Goods were being produced in an unpleasant surroundings and unclean substance. And without public knowledge, it was readily available in the high-end supermarkets. It was a BFAD-approved commodity, well just for show both parties are not as diligent in taking habitual inspection and guarding the consumer's safety.  The system was lacking governance while the capitalist main concern is to grow further more. By the way the peanut butter brand, was it Ludy's?  =)

One way to avoid the tiny-bits of germ pieces unto your food, of course all of us take precautionary measures and select which you think is clean enough for your dining table...and the best thing you can have is to go natural [do-it-yourself] or get it from a reliable source like home-made products [still some would doubt the hygienic factors]. 

The bottle of "salabat" above came from a family friend, who makes powder ginger tea and ginger candies. The producer is a 70-year old woman from Quezon City. She made researched and buy her raw material on how to come up with her version. Upon experimentation she later found out that the best ginger to use are the ones came from Nueva Vizcaya, according to her the taste and aroma of ginger from Nueva Vizcaya are far more spicier, stronger in aroma and flavorful. She established a "suki" [trusted supplier] already where to get raw ginger. Making the ginger tea/candies is a step-by-step  process, it requires energy and time. Consider buying a 6 to 10 kilo of ginger plus the ceramic bottles [she doesn't own a vehicle], being transport through public commuting and alone by herself, I admire her hardworks and "sipag". Sometimes, she hires a companion to help her carry the load when in market.
She doesn't sell it on wide-market for now, aside for her family's personal use and friends only, she brings some to her church and comrades and some places she would later visit. 

I remember two years ago when we have a small bottle of her powderized ginger mix. Not too sweet and spicy enough to relieve your aching throat, it's a good maintenance also, ginger has a lot of medicinal/health benefits. 
The mixture has 2 types: powderized and in small bits. We like best the small-bits form, can be consumed as tea and candies as well. Plus one great thing is she added garlic making it a healthier drink.
You can also add it in your drink milk and oatmeal.

Out of curiousity, we asked her if she could share the procedure to us, we later found out that an alternative sweetener like honey can be added instead of wash-sugar. The lady indeed unselfishly share her knowledge and skills [and so was my pen & paper], we're asking favor from her if we could view her doing it hands-on. =) She said yes! 

She also offered it for resellers. That's why readers I won't be sharing her contact info,only the brand name: Silverio or Silver's, oh I see you googling it! =)


  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. That is nice!

    Thanks for following my blog, following you now, too.

  3. @ Magnolia: Thanks for liking it. =)
    @ Jenn: Thanks!

  4. I could really have salabat now...I'm having difficulty breathing...thanks for posting, I'm reminded of this...will make some from scratch thought :)

  5. interesting post...thanks for sharing! na-curios tuloy ako dyan sa ginger candies kung anong lasa. :) have a great day!

  6. @ Mirage: our salabat is an old school remedy of all time for sore throats and coughs. =)
    @ Cheerful: Ginger candies taste a little strong considering it gas garlic flavor pa, plus the slight sweetness of wash sugar, It could have been healthier if it was sweetened by honeybee. =)

  7. i don't think I can drink ginger tea. I just don't like the taste. :)

  8. Garlic and ginger,what a combinaiton of tea!

    Visiting thru Food Trip Friday.Blogspot is acting up (again!) and I can't log in to use my FTF account. Thanks!

  9. What a healthy drink at maraming mapaggagamitan nga pag ganyan ka handy ang ginger.

    Happy FTF!

  10. that looks interesting..i would love to have a sip of the ginger tea. Visitng for FTF, here is my Sinigang na Sugpo


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