SM North EDSA: Teriyaki Boy

Teriyaki Boy

Japan March 11, 2011 


for Weekend Dinner Chronicle #3

I was invited to a blogger event for Icebreaker last March 11, 2011. That afternoon, I received a message from my in-laws flashing the Japan earthquake 8.9 magnitude and Philippines might be hit by a tsunami anytime of the day. I just shrugged it off and continue with the activity. Afterwhich, I had dinner with family at Teriyaki Boy, we have one thing in mind when we asked what's for dinner? So it goes with something Japanese, when we got home I immediately turn on the t.v. and wait for the headline of the day. All shocking footages, only seen before on films. Are we really headed for the 2012
California Maki

The Kritikus:
Been in Teriyaki Boy a couple of times, this time I needed some images to be credible for the postings. It's a fast forward shoot and eat.
TB is Japanese casual dining restaurant, a part of Pancake House Group [which also includes Dencio's, Singkit,  Sizzlin' Pepper Steak & Le Coeur de France].
We had 2 orders of Katsu-don, a breaded pork cutlet, deep-fried and simmered in sweet soy sauce, onions and leeks, with beaten egg, topped on a bed of steamed rice. Yakisoba, a must seen on the table, every visit to a Japanese resto, their version is quiet good, I love their noodles too. A stir-fried thin buckwheat noodles, with pork slices and mixed vegetables. Topped with bonito flakes. California Maki, funny as it sounds this is our appetizer =) reason maki are always ready to serve for the hungry heffalumps.
CM is made up of crabstick salad with fresh mango, coated with fresh shrimp roe. Last was Pork Shogayaki-don
This meal will cost about less than PhP 1,000 [$23].
Suggested dessert, Yogato [yogurt] they serve a 98% fat-free frozen yogurt
Good for 3 to 4 heads.
Pork Shogayaki-don
Teriyaki Boy
Level 4
SM The Block
North EDSA, Quezon City
[t] 442.0161 /442.0122

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  2. i like their mapo tofu! tried the teriyaki chicken ramen the other day but it was ordinary. a bit disappointing...

  3. @ Pink Cookies: Hmmm will try that tofu and ramen next time. =)


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