Upbeat Ice Scramble @ Icebreaker

We've outgrown ice scrambles from a "manong' vendor, from a school vicinity or where crowds usually feast to a cheaper alternative. Scramble reminds us of our happy childhood days and the old school plastic cup of pinky shaved ice. Thus, we love streetfoods, it's for "matibay-tibay na sikmura" as we say =) When you treat yourself something from what they call street food vendor, you kinda look away from the hygienic side. A gamble at stake. But we are Filipinos, the distinct taste and food art we create becomes a habit-forming
So came [as it claims] the cleanest and yummiest scramble in town. A young bro from Malabon made a trial and error project concerning his valuable asset: the ice! =) 
Marlon Sevilla, a tourism graduate from UST ventured into the food business after comparing the potential income from an ordinary scramble vendor who takes home 800/day sales against his iced-based earnings. He moved on and thought of an idea that would appeal with the "masa" [average, ordinary] crowd. 
Why not a scramble with a twist? 

The concept of Icebreaker's "clean factor", the eye-candy color topping selection and add-ons, and very affordable price made an instant hit towards a yummier, more appealing and a tastier scramble. 
We were treated with scramble with Oreo toppings, Sevilla's  latest addition to his topping selection aside from mallows, crispies and extra milk. I wonder when will he add some blueberries on it? =) and still remain in-expensive. The Oreo cookie bits blend quiet good enough with the pinky slush. A healthier snack for kids without hurting your pocket. 
Icebreaker has almost 40 [and counting] branch nationwide. Sevilla will soon launch another ice-based beverage concept Swoosh in Trinoma Mall. I admire this young entrepreneur for his determination and creativity, using ice as his major business component is a very wise-move. 

What I noticed and like with Icebreaker, they guarantee clean working area which is what consumer typically looks after. Honestly, when I was a kid, they don't allow us to have the pinky slush because of the "dirty" misconception. But we end up having some, the fun lies behind the sneaks and gulps. =) Now that the availability of safer, cleaner & creamier & still affordable scramble,  there's no way a kid would sneak out again. =)

6 oz. cup PhP 7
8 oz. cup PhP 10
12 oz. cup PhP 17

"the coolest way to chill..."
Lower Ground


  1. Looks yummy! Marami na rin dito sa Bacolod ng mga ganyan, mostly sa mga malls kasi super mabenta. Ang sarap naman kasi + clean pa (pawis-free). Haha. :)

  2. my daughter eya loves ice scramble too!!! its yummy!!

  3. i tried this one they have branches here in our place its yummy :)

  4. mayron din yan dito sa Davao hehe. Happy FTF.

  5. ice scramble kids favorite and also me.


  6. sosyal natong ice scramble ha... sarap looking.. dropping by for PF..

  7. wow, that's sounds really interesting and i knew its really delicious...favorite ko rin iyan nung bata ako, gusto ko iyan i-try someday kapag nakauwe, tapos mura pa! love your choice with oreo, parang ang sarap-sarap...kala ko kanina nung picture pa lang nakita ko sundae...anyway, PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...wishing you a great weekend! :)

  8. sweet and Refreshing!

    Spice Up Your Life, have a safe and happy weekend.

  9. For sure hit na naman yang mga ganyan this summer!!

  10. thanks sissies & moms for the sweet sessions! =)

  11. Now this is delicious, tamang tama sa tag init, at kahit winter dito kumakain ng ice cream asawa ko

    Pink Friday Sofa

    Visit my entry

    Mommy Moments entry

  12. hahaha natawa ako sa ibang coments. Ang sarap nga naman nyan lalo na aminit sa Pinas pag summer. I will put this one in my list pag nauwi ako sa Pinas. See you again, mine is up - FTF 103

  13. sure looks yummy. visiting from PF.

  14. mura lang pala yan akala ko mahal kaya di ko tintry, try ko na yan pag punta ng mall hehehe

    visiting PF
    From wala to okay
    Raketer Mama

  15. This business literally captured the hearts of many. We all missed the "manong" who'd sell these scramble in the streets every "uwian". And now, we can get the same for almost the same price in a mall! ^^,

    Visiting here from PF. :) Here's my Pink Fridays entry. ^^, My apologies for the late visit.

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  16. Let's GO Icebreaker! Kill the summer! =)

  17. I discovered countless interesting stuff in your weblog particularly its conversation. From the numerous comments on your posts, I guess I am not the only one getting all of the fun here! keep up the good work.


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