Sunday, March 13, 2011

Upbeat Ice Scramble @ Icebreaker

We've outgrown ice scrambles from a "manong' vendor, from a school vicinity or where crowds usually feast to a cheaper alternative. Scramble reminds us of our happy childhood days and the old school plastic cup of pinky shaved ice. Thus, we love streetfoods, it's for "matibay-tibay na sikmura" as we say =) When you treat yourself something from what they call street food vendor, you kinda look away from the hygienic side. A gamble at stake. But we are Filipinos, the distinct taste and food art we create becomes a habit-forming
So came [as it claims] the cleanest and yummiest scramble in town. A young bro from Malabon made a trial and error project concerning his valuable asset: the ice! =) 
Marlon Sevilla, a tourism graduate from UST ventured into the food business after comparing the potential income from an ordinary scramble vendor who takes home 800/day sales against his iced-based earnings. He moved on and thought of an idea that would appeal with the "masa" [average, ordinary] crowd. 
Why not a scramble with a twist? 

The concept of Icebreaker's "clean factor", the eye-candy color topping selection and add-ons, and very affordable price made an instant hit towards a yummier, more appealing and a tastier scramble. 
We were treated with scramble with Oreo toppings, Sevilla's  latest addition to his topping selection aside from mallows, crispies and extra milk. I wonder when will he add some blueberries on it? =) and still remain in-expensive. The Oreo cookie bits blend quiet good enough with the pinky slush. A healthier snack for kids without hurting your pocket. 
Icebreaker has almost 40 [and counting] branch nationwide. Sevilla will soon launch another ice-based beverage concept Swoosh in Trinoma Mall. I admire this young entrepreneur for his determination and creativity, using ice as his major business component is a very wise-move. 

What I noticed and like with Icebreaker, they guarantee clean working area which is what consumer typically looks after. Honestly, when I was a kid, they don't allow us to have the pinky slush because of the "dirty" misconception. But we end up having some, the fun lies behind the sneaks and gulps. =) Now that the availability of safer, cleaner & creamier & still affordable scramble,  there's no way a kid would sneak out again. =)

6 oz. cup PhP 7
8 oz. cup PhP 10
12 oz. cup PhP 17

"the coolest way to chill..."
Lower Ground