Blogger Fest April 2011: Food Feast @ Thunder Bird Resort - Binangonan, Rizal

The 1st Blogger Fest, an RSVP event for Luzon-based Pinoy bloggers was held at Event Center of Thunderbird Resorts in Binangonan, Rizal last April 16, 2011. Organized by pop culture blogger Azrael Coladilla of Manila Bloggers Network. Also the awarding of winners for Thunderbirds Resorts' Extra Ordinary Online Video Contest. 
Although the event kinda started late, it was supposed to start at 11a.m. but ended up at 1 p.m. instead, because of some minor technicalities but that didn't hinder bloggers, in a way they get much more excited. =)
Main goal of the said event is to have a free mentorship and social networking among bloggers.
Since this about foodie blogs, let me share our dining pleasure - Buffet Lunch at the Event Center. The good thing about the set-up and venue, bloggers and participants were able to munch their foodie while listening to the speakers. Talk about multi-tasking =)
Plus the presence of the Event Center's food-handlers and dispatchers were kind enough to approach and clean the tables, each diners was served with cold-iced tea and also iced water upon request. So the prince and princess of blogging community were treated nice and fair, and it was all for free guys! =) 
shaky Chicken image, forgive me =)
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet
Salad Bar
Cold Pasta Salad 
Melons, watermelons & pineapples
Leche Flan =)
Below were my food choices, we started off with a corn soup, some greens and then the main dish.
I enjoyed the fish fillet more than the chicken, ooops sorry I'm not being mean. It's just that the way the chicken was cooked appears to be ordinary for me, an honest opinion. =) 
Love it! I shared it with Vance of
These fruitilicious, Ia of shared some of it. 
Afternoon snack, I was so occupied with activities I wasn't able to shoot any images, let me share it with words =)
Do we call it Buffet Afternoon Snack? =) The serving table were piled up with lots of Dunkin Donuts and finger food: Lumpiang Shanghai. Choice of drinks were either soda or bottled mineral water. I got myself a piece of finger food, a Bavarian donut and a bottled water. We ate it as fast as we can, coz we only have an hour break to participate on workshops, casino gaming and photo shoot the resort's exterior. This will have to be posted via my I.Am.Dial. site. 

Kudos to the host and organizer of Blogger Fest.
Thanks to Azrael Coladilla and Thunderbird Resorts for organizing this event.
And to the sponsors as well: Zest Air [major sponsor] and partners:, Nuffnang, Enjoy Philippines, Baicapture,, Dependable Printing, Perfect Renders and Manila Bloggers Network.
Looking forward to another great event like this!


  1. I knew it...gutom ka na, kaya shaky yung kuha mo sa chicken pic...hehe.
    ang sasarap ng food. I miss leche flan.
    Here's my FTF entry:

  2. wow fiesta.. ginutum tuloy ako.... hehehe.. nice place.. was here for FTF.

  3. @The Pepperrific Life: Medyo sis, hungry na talaga, it's almost 1:40pm, and bloggers were lined up kaya we have to shoot fast in no time. =)
    @Vernz: the place is really nice, I'll feature a Thunderbird article on my other site =)
    Thanks guys for visiting!

  4. wow sarap lahat nito...nakakagutom hihihi:-)

    pls. visit my entry too;

    Happy FTF

  5. im drooling over with your entry. missed the event. btw, already a fan of your page in FB. here's mine..!/pages/MoreThanJustaSAHM/202509059767043 thanks!!

  6. Another event that I wasn't able to attend, ang hirap magkasakit kapag may event, hahaha.

    Hopping here from Food Trip Friday, if you have time, please check out my foodie experience at Felicity Patisserie, my FTF post this week. Thanks a lot!

  7. Everything looks delicious! I bet you all had fun. Here's my entry:

  8. wish i could attend next year's fest...if only for the food. hehe

    mine is up and hope you like eel:

  9. must be fun to be in events like that...daming food and everything looks delicious! have a great week! -PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

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  13. I love their leche flan. I was able to attend the Blogger's Fest too. The next week after the event, I visited Mount Sea Resorts with my family. Of all resorts in Cavite, Mount Sea is my favorite. It's one of the most accessible travel destinations Cavite resort, Philippines area.

    Thanks for sharing the photos! That's keeping memories alive.

  14. After eating there many bloggers are played casino. We are so grateful that we seen lot of bloggers attended the Blogger fiesta.

  15. Mabuhay Thunderbird Resort and Casino. Thanks again.

  16. Wow, sana mainvite din kami ng Thunderbird next time na mag-organize nila nito.

    This is our blogsite ;)

  17. wow it a nice resort the thunder birds amenities and rates check this.


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