Chef Tony's Honey Browns Popcorn Snack

Chef Tony's popcorn became instantly a hit among young people and health buffs. The packing presentation and variety of flavors available not only gained a following but also popularity.
I believed this one, the Honey Browns was recently released, correct me if Im wrong. Made of a toasted honey flavor, crusted on the creamiest and crispiest popcorn as the Kitchen of Chef Tony vividly described. Flavor of real honey toasted to a mild crisp resulting into a mild smokey sweetness that is Honey Browns. The best thing, it uses a unique blend of natural sugars that is low glycemic making the flavor safe for diabetics and ideal for late night snacking for kids, no need to worry on kids being hyper-active after eating too much sweets. 

Chef Tony's
Honey Browns
Size: Large
Net Weight: 350g
Cost: PhP 150

Chef Tony's Snack Foods Phils. Corp.
739 Banawe Avenue
Quezon City 1114
Manila, Philippines
[m] 0917.500. CORN


  1. oh wow!!! i gotta try that :D im so addicted to Chef Tony's roasted almond mochaccino, dark choco w/ almonds and peppermint mocha popcorn :D

  2. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  3. @ PInk Cookies: Almost all of the flavors = Yummy!
    @ Magnolia Perez: Thanks and big respect =)


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