Dennis the Grill Boy @ SM Mall of Asia

Got tricked by Dennis the Grill Boy, from its exterior view paralleled to the resto strips in the Ground Floor area. The establishment somewhat looks the same as Teriyaki Boy from the logo outside view, assuming it was a new Japanese restaurant with the same ambiance as Teriyaki Boy. A spoof! =) 
Really it wasn't a spin-off from TB,  originally named Pupung & Friends. Would it stimulate one's appetite? Thus the renaming came about. Pupung & friends was a comic series from Manila Bulletin. Not so sure if the character series still exist in the daily newspaper. 
Dennis the Grill Boy apparently offers a wide-variety Filipino foodie. Good food and affordable for commoners. It hit the Pinoy's heart [ stomach literary] by having the availability an unlimited rice. All meals include rice and 1 side dish of your choice. For the beverages, add PhP25 [$ .50] for a regular Iced Tea or Lemonade.
The resto's interior were comic-themed, although I admit they have very limited  space. Most specifically on peak hours, a large number of people gathered together lined up while they don't have enough tables to accommodate everyone. For the reason of being budget-friendy- why people took in the hassles of long lines and waiting to get served. And because of that, a food dispatcher asked us three times if they can clear out the table assuming were done eating, I had a toddler with me, logically it eats up our time and effort on how to feed a little one. Those little things fed me up sometimes, a common sense calibration maybe. That day we came from a long day tour in Intramuros and MOA seaside trip. Exhausted and hungry as we were. But the food compensate everything though, Lechon Kawali had the right crunch-kick, my grilled tuna was well-proportioned for the serving. The Chicken Inasal needs a little more salt and pepper to taste, but it's perfectly juicy while the Laing needs a little tuning up- it needs more salt, pepper, coco milk and chili to taste. For desserts: Leche Flan and Halo-halo that humid evening had the perfect timing. =) 
Food - 3 Stars
Service - 1 Star
Value - 3 Stars
Ambiance - 2 Stars
Over-all Rating = 2.25 
Annie's Lechon Kawali
PhP95 [$1.90]
Grilled Tuna Belly
PhP115 [$2.30]
Luis Boneless Chicken Inasal
PhP92 [$1.84]
PhP50 [$1]
Leche Flan
PhP25 [$ .50]
Halo-halo with Strawberry Ice Cream
PhP73 [$1.46]
They also have Barbecue Meals, Specialty Meals, Chicken Affordabowls, All-Time Favorites, Merienda, Veggies and Side Orders.
Check for yourself. 

Dennis the Grill Boy
SM Mall of Asia
Unit 1128 G/F 
Entertainment Building
[t] 556.0779

Other branches:
SM City Pampanga
Ground Floor 
Main Building
[t] 455.1126

SM City Rosario
G/F 122-123 
Barangay Tejero
Rosario, Cavite