Lucban Longganisa

Lucban Quezon's longganisa would probably one of the famous version of longga variation here in the country. We cooked it with a little amount of oil on a low fire. Served best with sunny side up egg, omelet or scrambled egg and a garlic dip and some fresh tomatoes. 

Although this is originally a Lucban product, a number of Metro Manila specialty store and groceries offer it from their display racks. 

This coming May, Lucban Quezon is celebrating their Pahiyas Festival, an annual fiesta [feast] held every 15th of May where locals  give thanks to their patron saint San Isidro Labrador, a farmer's thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. I once been invited to a Pahiyas celebration a couple of years back, where I was able to taste the best of Lucban foodies like: pancit habhab, pastries, kakanin and of course their lucban longganisa.


  1. This is my favorite longganisa, though I admit it's quite fatty.

  2. @ Jenn: so true sis, full of guilt! =)

  3. Someone should sell this LL in the USA as there are no sources here.


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