Weekend Dinner Chronicle #4 Paksiw Pata & Green Salad

What's for dinner?
Don't get fooled by the looks of the Paksiw Pata, made of all natural ingredients like sampaloc extract [tamarind], onions and full of garlic. Cooked from a pressure cooker, the stew taste terrriffffic!!! =)
Vegetarians wouldn't agree with me, as much as I tried to minimize pork intake. I just can't pass this one. First I love Sinigang in any forms especially the ones made from natural sampaloc. Thus this Pata paksiw is so tasty, addicting and more addicting. =) Just  don't forget to drink green tea or milk tea afterwards. In our case, best with a Coke soda? =)
To cover up the massive cholesterol we gained, we balance it with Gourmet's Organic Grown greens: Green Ice Lettuce and Romaine Lettuce dip with a Gourmet's Sicilian Dressing and fresh tomatoes.
Finish it off with a dessert, since it was a Kaimito [starfruit] season. My kid's first time to give this a try, I purposely describe it as a local mangosteen for her and it worked. =)

From a local grocery find.
This meal will cost about PhP 600 [$14].
Plus the labor of cooking =)
Good for 6 to 8 heads.


  1. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. @ Magnolia Perez: Thanks for appreciating =)

  3. wow! looks yummy...wants some now lol!

  4. wow, complete meal, i guess! that paksiw na pata sounds so great, i bet its very savory, can imagine the smell of it! yum! anyway, please visit me and get your slice of almond chocolate cake! happy Friday! :)

  5. Voting is now open ,so please invite your friends to vote for your post entry. Good Luck and Thanks!!!!

  6. @ lyzacruz88:, @ Cheerful, @ chubskulit & @ ♥FoodTripFriday♥ : Hi sissies, much thanks for dropping by.


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