Yellow Cab 24-Hour Delivery @ Commonwealth, Diliman, Q.C.

12 a.m. Sunday night, we visualized some pizza midnight craving. The trick was our location, we are from Diliman area, anyone who might bumped into this article, this serves as your 24-Hour pizza  guide =)

Online I consulted google and click the city for 24-Hour Delivery. Never expect it would be a marathon among the the 3 top brands we had in mind. First we called Pizza Hut, their delivery was available until 10:30 p.m. and the call center would not agree to migrate the call from other open outlet, so wala because their delivery service was pre-assigned on location-basis. Next stop was Shakey's, again-negative, they did a lot of explaining that the Ever Gotesco Mall branch was already closed and that the San Mateo branch is on until 11:30 p.m. only, simply say closed, and get done with it. The last tip was Yellow Cab, I rang the Berkley Branch in Tandang Sora and it was closed, luckily they forwarded my call to 789.9999 their 24-Hour call center line. The delivery came all the way from Timog Avenue Branch, it's corner Tomas Morato. Transit time took 41 minutes from their clock. Pretty much the pizza was on time. And we need another 41 minutes for full digestion before we hit the pillows. =)
14" Manhattan Meatlovers
Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta
Yellow Cab Pizza Co.
24 Hour Delivery
Tomas Morato
When you want great pizza, call a cab: 789.9999


  1. the manhattan meatlover's scream cholesterol, yet mukhang masarap tlga. :)

  2. @RJ: thanks, so true with cho-les =)


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