Baguio: Le Chef @ The Manor - Camp John Hay

Last 20th of May 2011, we climbed Baguio to attend a business and family leisure trip. Upon our arrival in Baguio proper, we were greeted with wet roads [considering the weather in Manila is of course humid that day]  and totally colder nights. When I went back to Manila, my nose and lips were all chappy and dry-crazy, but so grateful I had to visit Baguio again once in a while.
Dinner was held at Le Chef of The Manor of Camp John Hay. The dishes were exquisitely arranged and visually inviting. I believe Le Chef's came from the same group that manages Le Souffle.  When in Baguio, nature fulfill its duty, mountain chills and fogs surrounded the place accompanied with relaxing instrumental music.The restaurants interior wooden setting is adorned by group of paintings. They recommend reservation and a smart casual dress code. Le Chef serves an International cuisine and also Local cuisine.
Cream of Carrot and Pumpkin
Ciabata & Bread Rolls
The salad bar station has a dish with greens, tomatoes, carrots & cheese, assorted coldcuts and fresh tuna slice "Ceviche Style" in ginger lemon dressing [not in the picture].
Assorted Cold Cuts

From among the main dishes I like most the Assorted Vegetables Au Gratin is like baked vegetable topped with cheese and Seafood Croquet with tartar sauce - creamy and crunchy, not too heavy. Both dish compliments each other

Beef Bourguignon "The Classic Way'
Roasted Chicken with Celery & Onions Stuffing in Thyme Jus
Tartar Sauce
Seafood Croquet with Tartar Sauce
Assorted Vegetables Au Gratin
Traditional Chocolate Mousse
Fruit Trifle

English Bread & Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce
Desserts on plate
For desserts kids enjoyed the chocolate mousse and fruit trifle while adults like me we feast with the english bread pudding. Le Chef is like a comfort food, it's not everyday you get to experience Baguio at its best.

The Manor
Camp John Hay
Loakan Road
Baguio City, Benguet
Philippines 2600
[t] (6374)424.0931 to 43, (6374)424.0945 to 47, (6374)424.0950 to 53 local 1003 & 1004
Manila Hotline: (632) 845.0892 / 845.0911


  1. wow, everything looks great and delicious...lots of food, i bet everyone enjoyed it! i love those desserts...yummy! anyway, wishing you a great week! :)

  2. I think the appetizer alone is enough to make me full!


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