Glaxo Smith Kline [GSK]: Noah's Ark Catering

Last April 27, 2011 Glaxo Smith Kline gathered a group of media and bloggers for a Media Briefing of GSK's Road to Good Health, a road trip where they were able to share recent updates on GSK's commitment to improve the health of the Filipinos.
They hosted a buffet breakfast nor brunch as we say, in GSK plant in Cainta. Food was catered by Noah's Ark Food Services. 
Brownies galore
Mini-clubhouse sandwich
Greens with dressings of your choice
Dynamite springrools with salsa
Potato salad 
...and here's my personal choice
I once tried at home the Dynamite Springroll, we called it Chili Cheese Sticks. I never thought putting it with salsa taste even better, so tempting. Darn, don't know how to self-invent that salsa [googling recipe now...]. Next time I posted the DIY Chili Stick, get loose it'll have a salsariffic effect! =)