Cebu: Gene's Otap de Cebu

What's great about this otap made from Gene's is that it contains natural flavors and with no preservatives. Main components are: flour, fresh eggs, shortening & sugar. We like the thin crisp layers of each piece, compare to other brands which usually tends to hardened brought about by too much sugar I guess. 

Gene's Salvaro De Cebu
1125 V. Rama Avenue
Guadalupe, Cebu City 6000
[t] (6332) 253.5593


  1. we have one at home too.. Bong Bong's nga lang! :)

  2. Hmmm, Gene's is worth trying out then. I'm actually a Cebuana but I've relocated and every time I visit Cebu I buy Otap. I've always bought the one with the green logo ;)

  3. hi there,,

    May i have your email add?...




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