Mountain Made Training Center: Good Shepherd @ Baguio City

Good Shepherd had gone along way, they say your great & famous when a lot of imitations came out. Think of these Shepherd copycats: R&B Shepherd, Shepherd Shepherd, Sheep Shepherd, Mother Shepherd and even Little Shepherd? That shepherd must have herd a lot! :)
The products had evolved into something, they have now variations of delicacies for tourist/travelers. Word of mouth surely put Good Shepherd in such status. Known for their original ube jam, strawberry preserves, lengua, peanut brittle, alfajor and others. Around the compound stands a freshly-picked strawberries, salad veges and on the far side where you can actually have a fantastic view of Mines View Park, an ice cream shop! I saw some nuns taking their breaks eating a scoop of ice cream while sight-seeing around Mines View, I envy them a lot because everyday they get to inhale fresh crisp pine tree air, not that I wanted to join the convent or anything :) In a way the ice cream shop is way too good to be there, kids and even adults captured the senses, no way a cold weather can hinder that sweet, cold, melting ice cream. What's great about it, the ice cream brand is Nestle and an order of a single big scoop cone only cost PhP23 [$0.50 cents!]. I almost remember our National Museum in Finance Road, Manila visit last May 2011, the ice cream vendor outside the building, he sells the plain single cup at PhP55, that ice cream sells in t he grocery for PhP12 only. I told the guy vendor with a naughty smile, wow do we look like we are foreigners? [Mukha ba kaming turista?] the guy was totally stoned-face or dead-malice, or thats just the way they are, my sister pulled me out. Well all I wanted was to treat my kid with a scoop of ice cream, never thought I also wanted to be treated by fellow Filipinos with fair and justification. Good thing we went to Baguio, there was still fair treatment for everybody! :)
Next time you visit Baguio, skip other brands, its not worth the value of your money. Buy with confidence.
Good Shepherd Sisters of Baguio
Mountain Maid Training Center
Baguio City


  1. I so love their ube jam & strawberry jam! I miss eating them! Pwede ba makaabot yan dito sa Cainta? hehe


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