Monday, June 27, 2011

San Fernando, Pampanga: Shakey's VLeague Bundle: All-American Cheeseburger Pizza

Comparison of the present Shakey's VLeague Bundle [3pcs. Chick 'n' Chips, pitcher of Coke & the new All-American Cheeseburger Pizza] PhP699 + service charges. First in line the pizza of course, as always marketing leaflets tends to over-emphasize. Visually enticing and subjectively up-sell by the order taker, although the pizza was in large thin crust, which we normally like from a crust. The burger toppings s were kind of made in big bites, it would have been better if the burger per se was made into tiny bits so as to spread it evenly onto the crust. Even though the pizza tasted a little salty, I like the vege tops on it, just add more hot sauce and pepper though. 
The caesar salad, the large order was really enormous! But the salad dip was too salty too. Their Creamy Mushroom Soup gets even better now, and the other which I think was tomato-based soup is also a good soup alternative. 
3 pcs. Chick 'n Chip

 It's been a while since I visited Shakey's again, I remember in college Bunch of Lunch is such a craze. By the way, the VLeague Bundle promo is available from June 15 to August 15, 2011 [Dine-in, Carry Out & Delivery]. Also you may get the Limited Edition 2011 Shakey's VLeague Volleyball for only PhP 199 when you order the VLeague Bundle. 
this is what she normally does when waiting :)
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