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A stormy anniversary night for MedChef

NCR was currently on Storm Signal #2 and a number of car accidents occurred the whole day that includes the drama behind the Dimple Star Transport tossing from the skyway going to the West Service Road. And that wouldn't stop MedChef from tossing their wine glasses as they celebrate its 1st Year Anniversary. Guests, family, friends, media & bloggers geared up the cranky weather and head lights toward MedChef branch in Quezon City.

Chef Hasset Go
MedChef - a sweet bud conceptualized by the 2 young entrepreneur friends: Hasset Go and Jayson Carlos. Why MedChef? A blogger friend and I was mind mapping as we arrived the venue a little earlier. 

My theory was maybe Chef Hasset is a registered nurse [he look like one actually] or he likes experimenting  with cakes - a quack foodie doctor :) 
Vance said: maybe its a sugar-free cakes. 

After we had a cake sampling at the second floor, we decided to stay at the lobby to look for some actions. My take on the venue were:

Point 1:The management was somewhat late preparing the venue, we understood the situation it was raining, traffic and all. But planning is the an essential part of organizing a party. 

Point 2: Bloggers were given a space in the second floor mingling with other guests. Cake display and sampling [not labeled for acknowledgement] were there to feast on, I showed interest to attend this event to get to know the end-product and people behind MedChef and to be able to share my foodie experience to others. But as the cake sampling progresses on, my co-food blogger buddy [ who also bake pastries] and I ended up asking one another what this and that cake is made of. Beforehand, we were able to shoot some round cakes on display and its corresponding labels. And so we were like name this cake :) But we are always on the game, no bad feelings just a constructive digestion :)

Point 3: I wish they served water, we only tried a little taste of some variations. The cakes are sweet and so was the Ceres. 

Point 4: If you were to invite a LOT of guests, consider space dimension. Who am i to judge, I know more or less the lease for an establishment along M. Ignacia. So the space issue will be passed on :)

Point 5: I will stop here, we enjoy being part of MedChef. 
L-R: Vance Madrid of Purple Plum Fairy and Mrs. Lorelei Go [in red dress]
As we squeezed in front of mini-stage, hoping to get an ambush interview with  Chef Hasset and look for a glass of water. :) A lady in red standing beside the cake glass display suddenly approached us, she was very apologetic of the situation and candidly told us to feel free to roam around and try the samplings. She was the mother of Chef Hasset, Mrs. Lorelei. The family hails from Misamis Occidental in Mindanao, she single-handedly raised her 3 sons by making homemade cakes and selling them around. She shared her stories about being scared living near the ocean,  referring to a sudden tsunami that could surprised the region anytime without warning. 

Before we forget let's pop in the question: Why MedChef? Jayson's profession was a medical tech and Hasset was the chef  and so goes MedChef!  The lady was full of stories and very nice to be with.
The pastries I've tried for the night was:
Red Velvet Cake - I'm not sure if it was made of carrots, its taste very carroty to me, unlike the other sweet selection, this one is salty.

Purple Jackfruit Cake - jackfruit flavor was a little strong to taste, I was thinking it taste like Durian also [err I don't eat durian]

Banana Walnut Cake - pudding like texture with walnut bits

Moist Chocolate Cake [Love Me Tender] - true to its words, moisty enough for kids to love this.
MedChef Inipit version
Truth is I was drooling over the specialty cakes in display that night, these are the Tiramisu, Very Berry Cheezecake, Calamzest, Mango cake, Coffee Kahlua Gateau. Visually they look yummy and tempting. :) 
Banana Walnut Cake
Moist Chocolate Cake 
Purple Jackfruit Cake
Bloggers hang out for some dessert sampling
Sponsored by: Ceres
A couple serenade the evening
The night caps off with a cake fashion show and fun games and everything else. Congratulations MedChef and thanks to blogger Mark Joseph Delgado for facilitating the invites for this event. 

Visit their multiply site at http://medchefhomemadecakes.multiply.com/
139 Mother Ignacia Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City [Across ABS-CBN]

For orders and inquiries:
Look for Wel, Mac or Jayson
[t] 788.9750

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  1. cake feast...everything looks yummy! visiting from FTF, have a great week. :)


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