Trinoma: Tempura Japanese Grill

Tempura Japanese Grill 

Trinoma, Quezon City 

Before the sprouting of malls here in the metro, SM Megamall were among the the top few places where you can find and choose various dining avenue. A certain Japanese restaurant was so famous then and only then you can't find it somewhere else. We used to eat at Japanese foodie at the 4th Level of Megamall, now I rarely visit the mall. And now that I started food blogging last January of 2011, this is the first time Tempura Japanese Grill being documented.:) Tempura Japanese Grill started operation since 2001. 
Appetizer: Kani Salad PhP145 [$3]

Yesterday was sister's important occasion of something :) and we're turning Japanese. And since we are walking distance from Trinoma mall,  it was a weekend payday, expect people jumping in the mall, its like they miss half of their lives after the 2 tropical storm [Egay and Falcon] rocked us.  
Tori Chizu Maki PhP190 [$4]
When in a Japanese restaurant, do try and compare each resto's Kani Salad version. The Kani Salad is made of shredded crab stick with garden fresh vegetable in Japanese salad dressing.
Kewpie or Q.P. 
At an instance, we are missing QP mayonnaise, this mayonnaise have a distinct taste of its own. In Tempura's Kani Salad, we easily distinguished its authentic QP. Some Japanese resto or low-end fastfood type tend to re-mixed the mayo with other brand, really compromises the quality. Same thing they do with the Kikkoman [Japanese brand soy sauce], it's either a knockoff or the knockoff is blended with more water to produce high volume dip for mass consumption. You've tried those resto I believed because they are everywhere. :)
As for QP, its the most popular brand of Japanese mayo. It is made of egg yolks instead of whole eggs, apple and malt vinegar. The Kewpie doll is famous on its own status, we have several QP dolls with squeaky sound on its tummy when we were young, it must have been in the "baul" [antique box] already.
Gyudon PhP225 [$4.5]
The Tori Chizu Maki is a deep-fried breaded chicken fillet filled with cream cheese, asupara [asparagus]  and carrots. Dip it well with the QP mayo with mustard, perfect! 
Gyudon and Sukiyakidon is a Donburi, a contemporary Japanese meal steamed rice topped with pork, chicken, fish or meat & vegetables enhanced with scrumptious sauces. Gyudon is actually a rice topping with thinly sliced beef tenderloin with mushrooms, onion leeks in light sauce with egg yolk on top. While the Sukiyakidon is a sukiyaki sliced beef tenderloin with tofu, vegetable, vermicelli in sukiyaki sauce topped on rice with egg. Kid's choice for us is the Yakitori Don, its a 3 pieces grilled chicken skewers in special sauce served with rice and vegetables.
Sukiyakidon PhP215 [$4.3]
Yakitori Don PhP175 [$3.5]
Mango and Watermelon Shakes PhP 80 [$1.60]

Since the food is great and cost is reasonable, what about the service? We were here on  a Saturday peak hour [7:00 p.m.] If you were the type who chit chat a lot, you wouldn't notice the service is a little bit slow and since its payday weekend, the place were full-packed with diners. Approaching the staff is kinda tedious, they were either busy with other diners or tend to snob you first trying to finished first their on-hand list of task before attending to you. A small greet or "hey wait there I'll get back to you" can't possibly be heard, even if they saw you calling them from eye to eye, it's like they were transfix on something.  I miss Jollibee's attentiveness and; hospitality :) no matter how busy a Jollibee crew was, (even how cheap the food was at Jollibee) they always manages to fly with colors. TJG must learn service management from Jollibee then. But they say during off-peak days, these people are okay to deal with. I say small or large crowd, it's the product-service they offer, no bargain at all. A paying customer makes the business. 

Tempura Japanese Grill
Leve 2, Al Fresco
[t] 916.7007

Other branches:
Banawe, Tomas Morato, UN Avenue, Convergys [Makati], Alabang Town Center, SM Pampanga, SM Cebu, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Midtown.

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  2. i love kani salad because of the different mayo. :)

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