Cavite City: Samala Rice Cakes

My late grandfather with his wife, sons and daughters grew up in Caridad, Cavite City. They spent they younger years in Ladislao Diwa Elementary School and Cavite National High School, most of the Cavitenos could relate especially when you said high tide on their areas :) 

Samala - the "kakanins' [rice cake variations] were so popular among the Cavitenos aside of course from tahong, talaba and other seafoods, Cavite City has also the famous bakery  the Dizon, known for its hot pan de sal and kesong puti. Every now then when some of our relatives goes to Manila for a visit, those are the pasalubong's they brought to us. 
Samala rice cakes has the original and pinipig variants as far as I can remember Pinipig tastes better [for me]. It's made of glutinous rice, sugar and coconut milk. The "gata" [coco milk] is flavorful enough you can distinctively taste, yummy and mouthwatering, although too sweet for your fairy tooth, the pinipig relish makes you munch and chew for more you even forget the sweetness. :)
Can be refrigerated if not consumed within 2 days from date of purchase. The rice cake may be reheated through conventional oven toasters or microwaves.

Pat & Sam
506 Padre Pio Street
Caridad, Cavite City
[t] [046] 504.3382 or 431.2356


  1. I don't eat the burrito thing on the recent post but this kind of rice cake is really a "like". I miss this kind of merienda.

  2. Thanks Henry, its good with coffee/tea or just plain water. :)


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