Intramuros, Manila: Bistro Marinero / Casa Marinero

Medical experts, PharmaRex group, media & bloggers [new media] were invited to attend a medical forum hosted by Cortal SQR to discussed a health-related issues entitled - Debunking Myth's, Correcting Misconceptions held at Bistro Marinero last July 28, 2011.

All along I thought Bistro Marinero was a seafood restaurant, thinking its location Intramuros and  near Manila Bay and most establishment standing there offers an array of seafood dishes. Bistro Marinero, 4-storey building that houses a function rooms for events, seminars, soiress and other activities. It appears the place has a training ground [culinary, hotel management, etc.] for future seaman-related industry. Applicants and trainees were all over the place as well as the staff manning the place were all license to ride a cruise ship ready voyage and served  across the ocean.   
Breakfast - Pasta al Pesto PhP 110 [$2.50] with Orange Juice
As soon as we arrived, we headed to the 4th floor and approached the stairways going to the covered Roof Deck function room - the El Puente Miyahara. The venue was spacious and well-lit, equipped with a multimedia projector, wide screen, digitally surround audio facilities, complete with wash rooms and bar area. 
Cream of Pumpkin Soup PhP75 [$1.60]
Broccoli Veges
Beef Stroganoff PhP250 [$5.50]
Grilled Pork Chops in Garlic Sauce PhP 175 [$3.80]
Casa Marinero  offered a variety of cuisines from Filipino [Puerto Filipino], Japanese [Puerto Japon], European [Puerto Europeo] to American [Puerto Amerikano]. Buffet served that morning falls under the Puerto Europeo menu except I think for the vege dish, I think it was under Puerto Filipino being a Chop Suey type of dish. Meals were affordable and staff were accommodating and courteous all the time. A great place and ambience for family affairs, whenever in Intramuros, it feels nostalgic in some ways. They even have WiFi, great aye captain! 

Tiramisu PhP85 [$1.80]

Bistro Marinero is located at the historic Walled City of Intramuros, just across the world-acclaimed San Agustin Church and a few steps away from the Manila Cathedral.

Casa Marinero
Catering Services
NYK-Fil Building
General Luna cor. Sta. Potenciana Streets
Intramuros, Manila, Philippines
[t] (632) 527.2261 / 527.8461 loc. 373 /


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