Friday, August 12, 2011

Pizza Hut: Hate Late turns into Hot On-the-Dot

From the industry who pioneered the pizza delivery system in the Philippines since 1989. Who could forget the "911-11-11" and "Hate Late" campaign? 
Hot Guarantee!
Hot On-the-Dot 30-Minutes Hate Late Guarantee. Be assured of the HOT pizzas with Pizza Hut's Hot Dot.

The heat-sensitive Hot Dot sticker shows your pizza was delivered hot. When "HOT" appears on the black dot , you know your pizza is HOT, if not your pizaa is absolutely FREE! :)

Terms and conditions:
  • 30-minutes guarantee applies up to the Village / subdivision gates or building lobby, receptionist, or basement.
  • Guarantee applies to a single receipt delivery transaction, maximum of 4 pizzas.
  • Guaranteed tie maybe suspended depending on the weather conditions for the safety of the delivery riders.

The new Pizza Hut Hot On-the-Dot Pizza Delivery - offers a 30 minutes and as HOT [as indicated by a thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza] or your pizza is FREE!

The delivery rider will provide a thermal sticker that proves you get pizza hot and on time. Pizza Hut Delivery: Call 911-11-11

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