Quezon City: Army Navy Burger Burrito less Chicano

Army Navy Burger + Burrito, by and for Americans and Mexicans or Chicano battalions! :) 4p.m. we were thrilled with some Mexican snack, afternoon snack lang not that heavy, mind you we ordered burritos :) Army Navy a quick-serving restaurant with military exterior setting less the bunker and armory. It should have been more appealing if the crew wear something like G.I Jane's and Joe's. 
Chicken Burrito PhP 145 [approx. $3.5]
Vegetarian Burrito PhP 145
The burrito was served warm and soft, they say you eat a burrito pita through the end opening, I say we have our own little way, we wanted to share half of everything so I slab both into halves and we got each with chix and the all veges. The burrito is made up of flour tortilla with meat [or veges only] spanish rice, beans, onions, lettuce and cilantro. It was served with a slice of lime and salsa. The difference with the Vegetarian Burrito it has a guacamole instead of the meat. 
I love my burrito hot and spicy, so I put on a lot of their house-blend mayo-garlic sauce and Caramba's green chili hot sauce. All right the garlic sauce I think has spices into it and was in thick consistency [some restaurants added water with their garlic sauce] the garlic sauce alone is spicy enough, what more if I put the green chili, it was awesome! :) while drinking soda hastily and lots of bottled water afterwards.  It was a heavy "merienda" [snack] for me. The Army Navy is not your hardcore Mexican food, just right for us hungry soldiers. 
a hungry private can sit here
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Burger + Burrito
Sky Garden
SM North Edsa
Quezon City PH

Other branches:
Dela Rosa Makati, Emerald Ave. Ortigas, BF Paranaque, La Salle Taft, Tomas Morato, Harbour Squaare, Tagaytay, Nuvali Sta. Rosa, Shaw Blvd., Baguio, Valero St. Makati, Bicutan, Greenhills, Alabang, Glorietta 5


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