Quezon City: Nuffnang + Pizza Hut + Cowboys and Aliens Film Screening

Nuffnang Philippines held a special film screening of Cowboys and Aliens exclusively for bloggers. Sponsored by Pizza Hut and Araneta Center, they also launched of the new Hot on the Dot Pizza Delivery.
Pizza Hut Bistro provided a buffet cocktail. Food choices are: Mozzarella sticks, steak fries and tender chickens. Dips and sauces available were: Marinara, Mayo-mustard and BBQ sauces.
chicken tenders
Mozzarella sticks
Mayo-mustard dip
Mozzarella sticks with Marinara sauce
buffet on my plate
Cocktails for bloggers 
Pizza Hut rally crew assembled against cold pizza! :)
Cowboys are HOT  gents
Aliens are HOT topics
Pizza Hut are way HOTTER coz of the new Hot on the Dot Pizza Delivery
Pizza Hut management and crews had a trial of the new Hot on the Dot delivery service, each bloggers were given a pre-activated thermal sticker [black round sticker] and round up the hot pizza boxes for us to stick on the thermal stuff. Upon stick-on, the black dot sticker will surprisingly turn into a "HOT" text appearance. By the way, if the dot sticker on your delivered pizza box won't have a HOT dot after a few seconds,  pizza is considered cold though, and its supposed to be given FREE of charge. Whoa! 
Hot on the Dot pizza treat
placing in the black dot on pizza box exterior surface

Thanks Nuffnang Philippines for this wonderful event. :) "til next time!


  1. Hello Daryll,

    palaging may masasarap na pagkain sa blog na to. :D


  2. Galing mo talaga, sis! Ang sarap ng food grabe. I wanted some more kaso start na yung screening eh! Pizza Hut truly innovates the quality of delivered pizza & is a pioneer the pizza industry. No wonder, they've been here for such a long time na & they're still around despite the numerous pizza establishments that we now have. :)

  3. @ Jenny: Hello idol! Thanks for dropping by, whenever you feel like a rumbling tummy, just view the blogs. Its Free anyway :P

    @The Purple Fairy: Another idol in town! :) The cocktails and pizza was just right :) So true they pioneered the pizza delivery, and no one can get in a way. They command the pizza industry somehow.


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