Monday, September 19, 2011

Fish and Seafood Lovers: Guess the fish and shrimp to win a Coca Cola Shirt

Here is our What's for dinner? edition.
Both dish came all the way from Calapan, Mindoro yesterday. Freshly caught and bought by our father-in-law. Two easy questions for you to ponder.

Can you guess how much these 2-kilo shrimp from Calapan? [I need an exact amount or maybe the nearest answer I can gather]. 
Easy task esp. for fish lovers out there, name this saltwater fish or its most common name. 
The first one who can get both answers right gets this red Coca-Cola Shirt, free delivery via a local courier. Post your answers through the comment box below, don't forget to put on your full name and email address.

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Syntax: Sample answer/s should look like this...
  1. answer on shrimp question
  2. answer on fish question
   Complete Name: Foodamn Ni Churva
   Email Add:

Announcement of one (1) winner will be posted here. 

UPDATES: October 1, 2011
Winner: Vance Madrid
Answer: 1. Shrimp = PhP400 [2 kilos] 2. Fish is Palo