Getwell Sip: Warming Ginger Tea

These past months almost everybody I met got sick with cough, colds, hay fever or flu, we probably got it from the rainy season and not to mention the impact of climate change. I probably acquired my allergic rhinitis from the weather system, it started 2 years ago and been experiencing it all-year round, I was never born with Perennial Allergic Rhinitis [PAR] and I'm an OC and perfectionist when the term "clean" is to deal with. I made a random trial relief with antihistamines, in short I was able to detect the medicines with short and long effect, and have tried the sedating and non-sedating form. Part of the AR, sore throats and coughs we had, its been a family habit to make salabat [ginger tea] at home. 

Family friends would sometimes introduced new alternatives or other forms of this famous medicinal root, a friend who visits different provinces [as part of his job] recently brought us home a brand Getwell Sip from his Davao trip. I guessed him if this brand is under the MLM or networking scene, what he knows is the brand does not exist in Metro Manila, that I have to double  check or goggle it :)

The Getwell Sip was sub titled Warming Ginger, has 15 sachets per 15 grams powder. Its ingredients are: Ginger Extract [made from ginger aged 12 months] and Sucrose. Has no preservatives and no artificial color or flavors. This product is made from Thailand and is recommended for adults only. Not to be given to children, pregnant and lactating women.

I made the first sip, not to mention when I prepare morning coffee or in-between teas, preferably really hot and strong. Oh God the ginger tea has an extreme distinctive flavor and an uplifting aroma. So I re-read the labels, it was aged 12 months meaning the ginger was intensely spicy plus stuffed it with my hard-boiled water. I felt my larynx being torn apart :) So the next time I learned to take it easy with hot water and thawed the ginger tea then.

Getwell Sip
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NWI Natural Solutions
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