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Nowadays, almost everyone makes an effort to eat healthy and nit-picky with their food intake. They progress to go organic or natural, the choice is yours. Though, how do we dealt with what is full organic or just plain organic? Organically-grown by-products are being outsourced expensively, unless you have your own backyard  to grow your own organics. There's always been organized food bazaars, organic stores and expo where we could rely on affordable and healthy food alternatives, this is how we met Healthy First, they joined the Blogapalooza to capture the public's attention and promulgate a healthy lifestyle. Healthy First created a Filipino-made, ready to drink bottled natural fruit juice and blends.
Carrot Juice and Fruit Juice Blends comes in PhP45 [approx. $1] per 500mL bottle [good for two (2) glasses. It has no preservatives, all-natural, freshly-made, no artificial flavors and colors and uses purified alkaline water. 
Variety of flavors:
  • Carrot - Mango
  • Carrot - Mango - Melon
  • Carrot - Melon
  • Carrot - Strawberry
  • Carrot - Pineapple - Lychee
  • Carrot - Four Seasons
  • Mango - Lychee
  • Orange - Pandan
I was able to try the Mango - Lychee, the fruit juice was way refreshing and full of fruit pulpits. Serve icy-chilled, although the moment the coolness subside, I find it too sweet for my taste buds, although in fact those are made up of natural fruit sugars and artificial sugars. I would prefer the unsweetened versions or better yet served it with ice cubes to lessen the sweets.
The carrot-injected juice are good for the kids too, much more with the adults, drinking carrot juice:
  • Saves eyesight
  • Combats cancer
  • Protects the heart
  • Prevents constipation
  • Promotes weight loss
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Healthy First
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