Manila: Blogapalooza One at Fully Booked

What do we got from Blogapalooza? Amateur and pro-bloggers meet and greet with 50 business brands, 150 influential bloggers get to have a first hand experience and sample of products and services from new and existing business exhibitors. The event is organized by DJ Vince Golangco and his team from When in Manila.  
Call time: between 12 noon to 1:00 p.m.
Bloggers need not be hungry, coz the minute they get hysterically hungry [these people really exist in nature] on an event, they do get angry a lot :) Worse some blog about, I told once to a blogger friend, if your on the way to an event, make sure you are filled and guzzled down. Don't rely on event's catered stuff especially if its not a food event sweetie. Jesus Christ! Spend time on the nearest food outlet no matter how cheap or pricey it was. You were invited or probably you were on an open invitation mainly because you want a to know more about the event, you are concern with the event's advocacy, you want to mingle with media people and you love celebrity  hooked-ups: the sawsawero/sawsawera type. Some get too excited with photo opportunity of their favorite artista [celebrity, mainstream identity]. Then if the food is not satisfying enough, or served less, or none at all. Expect the blabbering, the downside of Philippine blogging. Shameless act, foolish talk. Please blogging is supposed to be fun and information-sharing. Blog responsively. Are we off topic? :)
Back to Blogapalloza, what's in for lunch? The invited guests and bloggers was treated with tomato-based pasta: Putanesca, from Italliani's with a matching muffin dessert from Healthy First. Drinks for the thirsty ones were a bottled water from AquaBest and a choice of naturally bottled-juice from Healthy First, I got a Mango-Lychee flavor [details of the  juice on my next blog stop]. Snack was served from Size Matters, they sponsored a Hungarian Sausage Burgers,  yummy! :)
Bloggers all gripped with their hand-held devices from DSLR cameras, digicams, mobile phones, tablets, laptops to get hooked and be spotted with the event's proper. Now the challenge is to make a blog post as intriguing from the other bloggers, we don't want Blogapalooza to get saturated with the same content and stories to blab about. Do something in contrast with the flow to separate you from the same old blogs. :) 
damn swags :)
Blogapalooza One
Fully Booked
September 17, 2011


  1. Blogapalooza? Sounds fun! Thanks for visiting A Slice of Kate.

  2. Thanks Kitty Kate, really is so much fun! :)


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