Quezon City: Bubble Tea

Friday night in the swampy and [considered] busiest [and highest earner] SM mall in the metro, the SM North EDSA next to perhaps SM Cubao, Mall of Asia and Megamall. And if you haven't eaten dinner before the clock ticks 10pm, you'll need to walk run around the bushes to pinpoint some of the available and open establishments. My companions, I'm concerned about, hungry and tired catching up time in search for an affordable and nice foodie. We came all the way from Manila Ocean Park and Liquid Pool & Lounge, of course kids are not allowed inside, I was not informed - the Christopher Lao excuses. :P  and  at 9:00 p.m. all the roads to eatery along the MOP complex were closed and what matters most at that time is to get back to Quezon City in no time before the traffic, storm and scary nights of Manila streets bumped the trio ladies :)
Strawberry Milk Shake Large PhP145 [approx. US$3.5] 
As always, Bubble Tea staff is open by 11p.m. and very accommodating. Even though the food rates escalate a bit higher than usual. The Miso soup has a lot more seaweed bits compare to other novelty Japanese resto where miso soup mostly made up of boiled stew [where you intend to search for the lost pair of socks!] LOL and chopped tofu [almost pulverized]. Munch, gulp, compare before you complain :) 
Miso Soup Php45 [approx. US$1]
It's always a habit to have Yakisoba, noodles addict aye just like Kung Fu Panda! :) Kid's... you've got to have a lot of options, tell-tale stories and patience when feeding them. And the tricks at some point, doesn't buy them. If the kid don't like to eat, may the force be with you! :) The next thing you knew, your trending on twitter [kase nasa balita ka na ng Bantay Bata hahaha!]
Tonkatsu Yakisoba Php245 [approx. US$6]
The Okonomiyaki Pizza is like Gyoza formed flat and round, the two side dishes [fresh garden salad and potato salad] compliments the pizza. 
Okonomiyaki Pizza Php215 [approx. US$5]
Okonomiyaki Pizza comes with 2 side dish:
Potato Salad and Fresh Garden] Salad
Bubble Tea Restaurant
The Block
Quezon City
Manila, Philippines
[t] 441.0097