Quezon City: Romulo Cafe

Held last August 25, 2011 was a round-table brunch sponsored by Idea Buffet and GlaxoSmithKline with the presence of Mommy Mundo book launch and GSK's health advocacy on Pneumococcal disease.
Minimalist dine-in al fresco

Romulo Cafe was from the clan of the Carlos Romulo, one of Romulo's grandchild, Sandy manages the establishment. I learned from my father-in-law who used to work in government office and a Marcos loyalist :)  that the Romulo's hailed from Camiling, Tarlac. That's why the cafe's signature dishes is very likely an Ilocano, very evident ingredients was the Alamang Bagoong. 

The interior exudes an art deco and minimalist appeal, I like the Black & White mix of furniture and walling.

I am a Filipino
The function rooms were dubbed from the  Filipino traits Kasiyahan Room, Kaligayahan Room and Kapayapaan Room. [ I'll make another blog post for their function rooms and comfort room]. 
Carlos Romulo memorabilia photos during his political career
Cucumber Juice
with mint leaves and sliced lemons
The cucumber juice weas very refreshing, we can actually improvised this at home, provided you used honey instead of table sugar.
Pinoy Nachos [Kamote Style] PhP85 [approx. US$2]
For appetizer, we were served with Pinoy Nachos, made up of kamote and taro chips drizzled with melted kesong puti, kesong de bola and chopped tomatoes. And Smoke Bangus Pate with Pandesal chips topped with Hollandaise sauce. The Pinoy Nachos taste good, very creative with the used of Taro chips [commonly known as gabi] with the sweet potato, its both crunchy and matches very well with the kesong puti, one of my table mates even order an extra serving of kesong puti, said she likes it because it not too salty unlike other kesong puti in the market, I remember kesong puti in Dizon Bakery in Cavite. :)

As for the Smoked Bangus Pate, the pate taste like an uplifted and modernized "tinapa" because of the smoked effect, I was in search of the Hollandaise sauce though.
Smoked Bangus Pate with Pan de sal PhP180 [approx. US$4]
Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso PhP300 [approx. US$7]
Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso served with mustard, the function room being so cold, I chose to have 2 servings of this one. I love sinigang! :) 
Flying Tilapia with 3 Sauces PhP295 [approx. US$7]
Choices of sweet chili garlic sauce, honey bagoong and pickled ampalaya and soy vinegar. I tried all of the 3 sauces, the best sauce for the super fly fish was the pickled ampalaya with soy vinegar. 
Baked Lemon Grass Chicken PhP230 [approx. US$5.50]
1/2 part chicken marinated with fresh lemon grass stalks. This dish was safest for those who don't like frying, oils and cholesterol. 
Bagnet Pakbet PhP180 [approx. US$4] 
Boneless Crispy Pata Binagoongan served with Eggplant
PhP635 [approx. US$15]
ground level of the cafe
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Romulo Cafe
#32 Scout Tuazon corner Dr. Lazcano St.
Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Manila, Philippines