Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alaminos, Pangasinan: Tupig, Boneless Bangus and Longganisa

When traveling North-bound, one of the most common "pasalubong" from Pangasinan we frequently seen at home are these foodies: tupig, boneless bangus and longganisa.
Tupig PhP20 for 4 pieces  [approx. $.50 cents]
Tupig, grilled native rice cakes wrapped in a banana leaf. Most of the tupig sold along Tarlac High-way is either "pangat" or "pangatlong araw" [on its third day, meaning to say old stock], "makunat" why not kase nga luma! :) These are the elongated tupig purposely fanned by vendors, trying to show riders and commuters, heyya were grilling fresh tupig, anyone! In reality, they were re-heating and re-doing the process. I'm the not best person you can trust, maybe I could be wrong. Filipinos tend to pre-taste before the actual buy, did you know that the ones reserved for food tasting are freshly cook, and so the picky-eater within you end up persuaded to buy in bulk. Little did you know, you scored a mixed goodies. 

How to check for "pangat" tupig?
Upon arriving home, try to eat one and find out the level of freshness, if its too "kunat" then I'm absolutely right! :)

Advise to the picky-eaters out there, try to look for tupig being sold in Alaminos or the closer part. Avoid the elongated-shape tupig, square ones appear in small ratio, but its guaranteed fresh and newly cooked, even when you open it amidst the traveling time. 
in the raw
Not the usual Pangasinan longganisa, the original is known with the orangy-color,  secured with mini-stick on both ends and filled with "atsuete" and galic-infused. But these one are made direct from Alaminos, it actually tasted like that of the smaller versions. I was having doubts on tasting it, because of the "Bocha" [sick-head, double-dead porks] issue being thrown out and distributed to the suppliers of processed food. And I'm starting to rally against meat porks, oh boy how can I refrain from eating oinkys and be a legit semi-vegetarian when most of the "dish" back home is all made up of "Liempo", "Paksiw na Pata", 'Patatim" and the everyday fave "Grilled Chops" or "Grilled Butterfly". 

Let's get back with Alaminos longganisa, before trying a small part not because I like to but I just have to taste it, I made sure to smell the meat part intricately. Made by Alaminos locals, it tasted just like the small ones. Although very oily indeed, I end up a little dizzy. 
Boneless Bangus PhP65 for 3 pieces [approx. $1.50]
Were so used to boneless bangus variation, the good part when buying direct from the area, is its freshness. How do you well, when a certain fish is already been "bilasa" [not freshly caught]? Factors include: the color, the smell and the aftertaste. Share in your "bilasa-fish" experience, who knows your in for a big surprise! :)

Alaminos City, Pangasinan
Travel Time: 6 Hours
Means of Transportation:
via Five Star Air-con Bus approx. PhP500