Antipolo: Suman and Cashew Nuts

Kasoy [Cashew Nuts]
1 Kilo PhP600 [approx. $14]
Catholics have embraced numerous traditional beliefs brought about by Spanish colonialism, one of which is - Antipolo is a place some Filipino travelers and/or "balikbayans" vowed to visit whenever one has to go on a journey or travel some place, even when visiting Philippines or coming from a nearby regions, believers visit Antipolo's Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage in Antipolo Cathedral. Widely known as the pilgrimage site, being cast as the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines. Devotees and wayfarers gather together for a trek during the eves of Good Friday and 1st of May. Newly purchased cars were also blessed at the church in the judgment that it will secure the safety of the car and its passengers.
Suman sa Ibos
4 Bundle PhP100 [approx. $2.50]
There was a time I was able to drop by during the pilgrimage date of May 1st, after a little chat with the Lady of Safety, we headed off at the back of the church. Lined up with lutong-bahay [home-cooked] carinderia, the famous dish [for us, through our description] the Atay-Balunan with unhatched chicken eggs. I'm looking forward to pay a visit again at the back door of that church :)

Notably, it's not always the food eatery adjoining the church that frequently visited. There's the covered area filled with pasalubong vendors. One would not miss the suman sa ibos and the overly expensive but highly healthy nuts, the kasoy or cashew nuts as pasalubong to friends and family. Time has change my preference of food choices, before I don't like much rice cakes in any form except the "kalamay" or "biko" but now I appreciate the suman's simple taste esp. when dipped with washed sugar or Honey or Cheeze Whiz or Peanut Butter. Yes the suman is very versatile, you can have it anyway you want it. My kid loves suman, quiet good for her at a very young age she knows how to value our traditional foodie :) 
With cashew nuts, oh boy it brings back memories of childhood, Papang [grandfather] has a matured cashew trees [wild, natural and without agro-chem], we collected all the raw cashew shell in a squared drum and grilled it in an open fire, the nuts has natural oils - so the flame will instantly gets bigger and after a few minutes, we will then pour the blazing nuts on the soil to let it cool down. We will then hand-cut it using sturdy stone, am telling you getting the nuts out of its shell is way too demanding, you need to master tenderness while hitting off the shell to make a whole nut otherwise it will come out into bits and pieces. Now you know why cashew nuts is not easy on the pocket and cannot be sold by the dozen. :)

Tayo na sa Antipolo! :)


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