Thursday, October 6, 2011

Camiguin: Vjandep Pastel - Buns with Filling

Early Christmas treats is starting to pour in, take the famous pasalubong from Cagayan de Oro City. The very first time I tasted this melt-in-your-mouth pastel buns was when my sister has her thesis in Camiguin, stayed and explored the virgin island of Camiguin for almost a month. But nowadays, Vjandep Pastel is already available elsewhere here in Metro Manila, frequently seen it in Market! Market! along the arrays of booths of "pasalubong" from the country's sub-regions. But still we wanted every pasalubong fresh and hot from it original birthplace, travelers from Cebu, Bohol and nearby provinces would not miss a thing except the famous boxes of Vjandep. Their ready for the holidays!

What makes this bread so soft and delightful?
Its made of flour [bun], eggs, milk, sugar, butter, shortening and yeast [filling]. Available in different flavors:
  • Regular Yema - milk, egg, butter
  • Cheese - cheese, sugar
  • Langka - langka, sugar, calamansi juice
  • Macapuno - macapuno, sugar, calamansi juice
  • Mango - mango puree, sugar, mango bits
  • Pineapple - pineapple, sugar
  • Malunggay/Kalabasa - paste, cinnamon
  • Ube - ube, evaporated and condensed milk, sugar, butter
Vjandep also have made-to-order special flavors:
Durian, guava, strawberry, chocolate, malunggay/kalabasa, mocha, special yema and assorted flavor.

Vjandep Bakeshop
57 Plaridel Street
Mambajao, Camiguin
[t] (088) 387.0049

Vjandep Bakeshop Commissary
Zone 2 Nat'l H-way
Bulua, CDO
[t] (088) 737.8632


  • 078 Tiano St., Brgy. 14, Cagayan De Oro City (088) 858.4027
  • Stall 17/18 Bldg. 1, Angel Chavez Complex, Cagayan De Oro City  (08822) 714.148
  • Mambato St., Agora, Cagayan De Oro City  (08822) 714.097
  • Passenger's Terminal Area, Pier, Mavabalan, Cagayan De Oro City  (088) 856.2358

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