Cha Dao Tea Place: Milk Tea and Fruit Tea Overload

Milk tea is synonymous to Chinese restaurant before, we used to order authentic milk teas after a heavy meal, Chinese believe that drinking milk tea will flush out part of what you eat that day, making your body cleanse and de-toxified. And every time were in for some after meal milk tea, we immediately went straight home for a total "body cleansing" :) The milk tea really works, I recommend it to those with constipation problem. 
Unlike now where tea places becomes a booming food business. A tea place is not just the ordinary serving of brewed tea or the milk tea, several tea-fusion shops are readily available in the market. Cha Dao Tea Place opened to public a few months ago, tea drinks are processed using freshly brewed black tea, infused with milk and fruit flavors. Cha Dao targets the younger market, thus most of its tea shops are visible within schools and the rest of the branch along the busy streets/main roads of a crowded subdivisions. What's great about it, was the affordability of the drinks plus the product quality. Each flavor has undergone meticulous product research and development to achieve the right mix of tea and syrup that is favorable to the Filipino taste buds.

"Cha Dao Tea Place has an extensive menu, offering an array of over 30 different flavors ranging from milk to fruit teas, to suit every customers need and preference. In addition, customers can tailor fit their orders by choosing their own toppings, sugar level and ice preparation – making each cup a truly personalized drink."
I was lucky to be invited by Jenn Valmonte of over Cha Dao-Don Antonio Branch for first-hand taste milk teas. We were joined by Jenn's Younger sister and Marjorie of We decided to meet-up at McDonald's Commonwealth, Don Antonio Heights is across Ever Gotesco Mall Commonwealth.

What we like with the place - the Zen interior, though the space is quite diminutive,  they strategically accented wooden chairs and tables, Japanese-style tables and throw pillows. The lime green and white murals, made the walls appear bright and cozy.
We were greeted by Cha Dao's warm and friendly staff, and asked what's the bestsellers, the concoctions, process of ordering, what the heck are sinkers? :)

from the term "sink
- go down below the surface of something esp. of a liquid; become submerge.

Sinkers are the add-ons on the usual shakes or smoothies, commonly used add-ons was the "tapioca" or "sago". With Cha Dao, each glass can be customized by adding sinkers [PhP10 for each type of sinkers]. Choices are: Popping Bobba, Pearls, Nata, Red Beans, Egg, Pudding, Grass Jelly or Coffee Jelly.

Assam, Cha Yen, Wintermelon, Classic Milk Tea, Green Tea, Matcha and Kopiko

Stop and think momentarily to experiment on what to order, we agreed to order different flavors then test-drive each tea drinks.

The way of the Tea

  1. Choice of drink and cup of tea [L or XL]
  2. Choose sinkers, opt to ask the Cha Dao staff what to recommend and goes best with what tea or fruit flavors
  3. Choose the sugar level - Light [with less sugar], Regular [normal sugar servings] and Sweet [more sugar]
  4. Choose the ice preparation - On the rocks: warm full flavor [ice is placed in the cup, on top of sinkers] and Shaken with ice: cold, a bit diluted [ice is place in the shaker with the tea]

Matcha Milk Tea [Green Tea and Special Milk Mix] with Grass Jelly sinker
Jenn's drink - green tea flavor is strong with a refreshing minty taste. I love minty stuff and this drink introduces a new selection for our taste buds. If your the type who looks for unorthodox stuff, then have Matcha.

Wintermelon Milk Tea [Black Tea, White Gourd and  Milk] with Nata sinker, light sugar level
My choice, the black tea made the drink a bit bitter but tolerable because of the gourd milk blends. I let my 4-year old sip a little thinking she may not like it, but alas! she finished the remaining half tall glass [nata is one her fave snack] and I was observing her if she'll feel somewhat hype or irrational due to the caffeine level of tea, to my surprise she acted normal and was asking for more. I guess its because of the caffeine on the black tea is not that high compare to chocolate she binges on, one factor is the light sugar level that's why she didn't show any hyper-activeness. Much more is she tried on the Yakult Blends. :)
Assam Milk Tea [black tea, black sugar and milk] with Egg Pudding sinker, light sugar level
Marjorie's drink, it tasted like a lighter version of Wintermelon. I wasn't able to taste it with the egg pudding, I think you have to mix the bottom part of the sinker to blend it with the tea. 
Peach-Mango Yakult Blends with Nata sinker
Jenn's younger sister's drink, the four of us was drooling over this drink. It was blended with 1 Yakult and fruit flavors. I believe you can't go wrong with any drinks mixed and infused with Yakult, "swak" and "sakto". If I were to ask, the Yakult Blends should be on the bestseller's lists. And because of that glass, I'll bring over my toddler for some Wild Berry Yakuly Blends, we're just near the block. :)
Extra-Large Glass - PhP75 [approx. $1.80]
Large Glass - PhP65 [approx.$1.60]
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Cha Dao Tea Place
Don Antonio Branch
64 Holy Spirit Drive
Don Antonio Height
Quezon City
[beside Don Enrique Village main gate, across PureGold]
For delivery or pick-up: 
[t] 210.0677
[m] 0905.223.6040

#42 Esteban Abada St. corner Rosa Alvero St., Quezon City (Beside Kostka and Fruit Magic)
Directions: Turn right before McDo Katipunan, and you will see it on the left side, beside Fruit Magic.
FOR DELIVERY OR PICK-UP: 2100765 / 0905-2236039

Unit 2, FADI Building, #5 West Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City (Beside Cebuana Lhullier and main Kapitolyo gate)
FOR DELIVERY OR PICK-UP: 7388719 / 0905-2236041

111A Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City (Between Burger Project and Barangay Hall)
FOR DELIVERY OR PICK-UP: 6227076 / 0917-8636644

B-1 Food Plaza, Wynsum Corporate Plaza, F.Ortigas Jr (formerly Emerald Ave), Pasig City



  1. Maraming salamat sa pagsama sa amin ni sis. :) Minsan, mag milk tea party uli tayo.

  2. Anytime Jenn, thanks for you generosity :)

  3. waaah so much tea can make your blood thinner! But, once a week is a-okay :)

    Visiting from FTF


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